October 10, 2013

I'm Such A Slob

Look at the mess on the table.  That’s what the desk was like this morning.

Don’t you have days like this?

Before the gym, and the mammogram, it’s pick up the my endless mess so Marta can clean the house.  She comes every two weeks, and I confess that I become oblivious to my piles.  Dear Geezer isn’t half as bad as I with messes.  Then again, he picks things up before I can catch him at it. 

Not me.  I’m left with piles.  Today’s consolidation sits next to my monitor and is a foot high.  The first slip of paper has passcodes on it.  Do I need them.  I hold up the page and stare at it for a while.  Once I figure out it’s useless, the thought strikes me that cleaning this up will take a while. 

I’m such a slob.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  He’s also begun a blog here on Blogger.  Gym.  Working his own queue.  Fixed dinner.  We watched both Nature and the new Shield.  Action takes over from acting, but we liked it.

  • Herself:  Terri’s beloved husband Dean died yesterday.  Same thing that got Paul.  It’s National Breast Cancer Month, but for me it’s also pancreatic cancer time too.  Miss-wrote a second appointment for today  instead of the 3rd.  That's the second this month.  I sure have doubts about all this.

  • Reading:  Need to go to the new library again.

  • Balance:  Love.


    1. Yeah, right, you post this outstanding organized bookcase and down below a small pile or two of work. I should post hubby's office...he gets an entire room!! It is filled with work, junk and unidentifiable objects.

    2. I am amazed at how much junk has accumulated since I had this miserable surgery. The really bad thing is I almost don't care.

    3. I only care when someone has to clean up after me. Today is the day.

    4. I've become much messier since I retired. I really have to clean up paperwork on my desk so I can use it for other things! Sorry for another loss in your life.

    5. How can you call that a mess? You can still see the table.

    6. Amazing how a housekeeper or guests inspires us to tidy up. I found the lovely bookshelves caused me to think you might be tidier than you think.

    7. I agree with Harriet! *grin*
      My piles move from table in lounge to desk in bedroom to table in lounge to ... as visitors come and go here. Ah, the joys of living alone, and not needing to tidy up for a cleaning lady.

    8. You have many piles to go before earning your slob badge.

    9. I've long called myself a pilot -- I pile it here; I pile it there; I pile it almost everywhere!!!

      You are not alone!!!!! :)

    10. Check out the photo (on my blog) of jars of veggies my SIL put up this fall. He's getting sober these days and loves doing house wifely things, which is good for him I think.

    11. I rise at 6.30am on the days my cleaner comes:)


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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