October 19, 2013

Saturday Snippits

Cheese Cover.

  • The cheese cover.  No I don’t need it.  Nor will I spend all that money on a ceramic I won’t use again, but it sure is cute.

  • Grumpy.  Darn it.  Because he is an affiliate, we can’t enter Grumpy in Nationwide’s contest.  I must say tho, Captain Poolie hit the nail on the head by telling us that Grumpy “is the best special needs truck ever.”  I just think I need to pick the thread color better next time I patch the seat.

  • We are heading out shortly to some Estate Sales.  We are hoping that one of them has a VHS to DVD machine.  He saw one in the photos.  We still have some of Peter Knego’s, the king of cruise ship and liner films, VHS tapes.  We both want to see them again.

  • I figured out what I am giving the kids for Christmas this year.  I’m getting albums made of my photos of their dads.  In book form from Snapfish.  I need to buy pictures to keep my membership going, and this will solve two problems while being something they will cherish.  No, they don’t read my blog any more.  I should be safe.

  • G sent off daughter Laka’s birthday card…with granddaughter Sahara’s very late birthday card by FedX.  I won’t say how much it cost, but it got it there on Laka’s birthday.

  • Our neighbor had a water leak and George went over to diagnose it al fresco.  She now knows her bathroom faucet needs replacing, and she also got to see G in all his robot pajama bottom best.

  • Complements from the customers about my organized books, and more complements on the Facebook albums I build for the store from a big boss.  I’m really pleased that folks notice.


    1. That store is really lucky to have you. Just posting the photos is a lot of work but the amount of work you do with the books - especially with all the physical problems you've had - is amazing!

    2. Nice to get positive feedback always! I am assuming Grumpy is not in the dumps because he cannot enter? I am also planning some albums for Christmas.

    3. You and G are good neighbors. Hope you enjoyed your estate sales. We got outside yesterday. Daughter and granddaughter Joy here today. Listening to all their plans.

    4. How good to get complements on your efforts. It's nice when people remember that the attractive displays they see, real and virtual, don't just magically appear but are the result of someone's creativity and hard work.
      Poor Grumpy; I'm sorry he's disqualified from that competition.

    5. Love that little mouse and cheese, but I wouldn't buy it either. No room and wouldn't use it.

      Glad your dedicated and excellent work is recognized and acknowledged.

    6. Ditto Gel's comment... there's been times I've envied your access to all of those books--like a kid in a candy shop. I'd be buying books right and left! As it is, I'm pushing 900 books on my Kindle. I need to stop downloading... must stop ... must not look at new list... LOL Huggers, T

    7. Glad you got out for the estate sales....hope you had a wonderful time. Grumpy is looking good for such an old member of your family.

    8. I wish I could shop at your shop! I love organized books -- some day I might even get my own done!!!

    9. I agree. That is very cute and I'd be tempted to buy too.

    10. I wish you could pop over and organise our books. I have sent so many to charity but I'm sure they have doubled in the last 6 months and now discover MTL has another hoard in the boiler room.


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