October 29, 2013

School Daze

School desk and attached chair.

This is one of those chairs in the chair show at the Mingei that were “familiar” to me.  We had these at “F Street School” in Chula Vista when I went there.  The top lifted, and underneath was a mess of papers where I could never find a thing.  Yes, we actually had glass inkwells that fit in the hole, and yes we used them.

I didn’t do well with the scratchy dipping pens.  They scattered drops of India ink everywhere.  As an artist, I can say that I still scatter India ink drops.  Now it’s ok, but then spatters were not at all acceptable.

Although I failed many classes miserably there, I loved the WPA era building.  The tall cool main hall.  The creaky wooden floors.  The big, tall blackboards, and even the Spenserian script around the edges of the room.  Aa, Bb, Cc…I could do those.

Do you remember these school chairs?

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  He had a few triumphant vastly overwritten “finds” yesterday.  He loves moments like these.  Wreck one fender then charge to fix all the car wide dents and scratches.

  • Herself:  Tried to be quiet and well behaved.  Took 2 Tylenol,  Returned library books, ran errands, wrote and read.  And read.  Today:  Took the Jim Chee to the mammogram.  They can't tell you anything, but it's probably a cyst.  I'll know more in 4 working days.

  • Reading:  Hillerman, three Jim Chee novels in one.  Fun but out of order.
  • Balance:  Sitting. 
  • Ommmmmmmmm.  LOL


    1. I had one of those school chairs, my DIL has it in her house now. Being taller than most kids I got my knee wedged under that desk in the first grade. Teacher unstuck me. Amazing what a 6-year old can do.

    2. Yeah, I remember those desks, though I never saw one that wasn't connected to a whole row.

      I too amassed extra papers under that desktop, and on desk-cleaning day my teacher made a disparaging remark about the clutter I had. (I still have no idea where all those extra papers came from.) Those darn holier-than-thou spinsters could have broken down a weaker personality.

    3. I remember these! We used them in school and my parents bought me four of them to use in my little playhouse beside the garage. We LOVED those desks!

    4. You found my old desk from Cloverdale Elementary School. You forgot the gum on the underside of the desk and the ink marks and carved initials in the wood. On the other hand perhaps you went to school with a better class of boys and girls.

      Laughing about your parrot pals. I thought those fancy new windows were meant to block out noises. Dianne

    5. You know you are getting old when things that you had as a kid are in a museum.

      Muchas Smuchas

    6. Never had a desk like that...but I remember them well from my aunt's one room school house in the hills of upstate New York.

    7. Slightly before my time but I do remember the separate chairs and desks that had the ink holes.. and we did use those.

    8. Yes. I remember those when I lived in the mountains of Colorado...but we did not have the inkwell...so i must be younger than you ;-)

    9. I hate those four day waits. Thinking of you and knowing that all is well.

    10. Our desks were in pairs and the inkwells were white ceramic. Odd, I went to that little one-teacher school for five years, think I was quite happy there, but remember almost nothing about the desks or the room they were in.
      That wait for the mammogram result is a pest; if you are like most of humanity you can't help feeling some tension as you wait.

    11. Oh yes! I remember those desks and sat in some. Sigh... It was a long time ago.

    12. I just read Dianne's comment. We had the same thing in Hawaii when I was growing up. Gum underneath and initials carved in the wood!

    13. We had those desks but the top didn't lift up so things could easily get lost in the back of them!

    14. Um, I can't believe I was behind so many entries... glad to catch up from the 21st on... heroic to even walk into a hoarder's mess let alone tackle it...love the corvette photos and know you had a ball there. Mobile you are, and going about doing life on life's terms. So good for you and G!

    15. The desk is familiar but in the UK the seat would be facing the desk. How odd:)


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