November 20, 2013



Indeed, boom.  Just right now life is pretty good.  I headed off to a women’s meeting and found that it had taken its coffee pot and moved.  Sometimes that happens.  Usually folks find they take themselves with them when they go.  Boom!

Our old sexually offensive mayor is gone, and yesterday we had the first election to find ourselves a new one.  One rather functional Republican ran against a fleet of Democrats.  So now there will be a runoff election.  There’s a chance we may get a democratic Hispanic mayor.  In a now Democratic city with a population over 50% Hispanic, that would be a good thing.  Indeed, Boom!

I’ve been happily eating avocados, real yogurt, and real cheese.  My broken toe is finally healing, but my muffin top is at inner tube status, and my pot gut is 12 months pregnant.  It’s a vicious circle….meds and food make pot gut which pulls out back which slows down walking.  I need to walk more even if it is a problem, but I am doing 45 leg lifts a day now.  I pat myself on the back with those.  Boom indeed. 

Now off to work….it’s a book, book, book day.  Or should that be boom, boom, boom.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  New account at work.  He’s really busy.  Dinner is lamb and salad
  • Herself:  Practicing nonsense.  Squash and two salads for dinner.  Oh, I do like my beet salads.
  • Reading:  Just finished a bio of Capi and her moving book, “A Curve of Time.”

  • Balance:  Today is the cry of the donated book, “Book, book, book….”


    1. You inspire me to walk. Leg lifts are awesome. I did them every morning for years and got the gut when I stopped.A stupid doctor told me to stop as they hurt my back. Then another doc said, no they did not. Too late.

      Sure use the tree. I love it too now that I have noticed it.

      Tomorrow - my post about beating City Hall. Our state delegate is Hispanic and very left wing, but we love him. Our Congressional Rep is a moron. Also a philanderer, but not caught out like you guy. Congrats on your win in San Diego. Dianne

      PS My grandson is part of the 50% Hispanic in SD.

    2. Leg lifts, gentle stretches of the leg muscles and walking walking walking. I told you that it would surprise you...keep on going. Cut all the goodies into half servings and savor.

    3. Walking is the most amazing thing. Works on body and mind. Hope your toe is 100% soon.

    4. *smile*
      Those leg lifts are impressive!
      Best wishes on reducing both the muffin top and the back pain. Boom, boom and a third boom to them both.

    5. Yes, your world is full! "BOOM" INDEED!

      It's quite cold here and I find myself really reluctant to even go out. Still adjusting from the temperate nature of your wonderful San Diego and Maui. What a rude shock this is!

    6. I voted for the change you are talking about. Imagine, a Hispanic mayor in a predominately Hispanic city! YAY!

    7. OK, no more Nutella, Peanut Butter, M&M's, Ice Cream ..... we could increase the list at infitium.

    8. I'm glad you got rid of your mayor. I've been really bad about walking since I was on the mainland. I just got out of the pattern and NEED to start walking again. Sigh...


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