November 16, 2013

Fast Friday

I got to work early thinking there would be a mess to tidy up.  Not at all.  No line either.  But within minutes of the store’s opening, it was jammed with customers.  That was very encouraging.  In our store, everything is one of a kind. 

While I was uploading pictures to the Facebook page, I noticed a red basket of pinecones.  If I wanted it, I had to buy it now….even if it wasn’t thanksgiving yet.  So I bought it. 

By the time I headed home, the store was looking very empty though still jammed with shoppers.  One man had bought all the Waterford Crystal yet left his expensive glasses and case behind.  The day was filled with stories like these.

There aren’t a lot of holiday books this year.  Four large boxes compressed into just a few shelves.  Still, I noticed when I left the books looked as if they were stirred.  I will stop by today and straighten them out.  No stirred books for us.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  • Himself:  Margot came down for her check and he made sure she took away her pile.  He’s found two estate sales he wants to go to today…enthusiastically.  The world is supposed to be gifting us with high winds and sprinkles.  Maybe this will let him be first in line.
  • Herself:  Still having difficulty moving around.  Took two of those blue pills the doc doesn’t want me to take yesterday.  Moved around almost with ease.  Discouraged.  Swam, store, napped, meeting.
  • Reading:  Shattered.  Very well written tho I don’t know if I like the characters.

  • Balance:  Reading today so I can get that book back to the Captain’s sister.


    1. Such artfully done displays-what a visual treat.

    2. I'm still reading, even if I don't write. Love your pictures.

    3. Sounds like all went well. Hopefully that guy will return to reclaim his purchase.

    4. Whew, what a quck turnover! Are there any holiday buys left for latecomers, I wonder?
      I'm sorry you are still having trouble moving around - but it's still early days really, isn't it. This time next year I imagine the pain and stiffness will be a distant memory.

    5. I do not need more glad I do not live near your lovely store.

    6. After six years, David is still taking hydrocodone (Vicodin) for his hip. Last night I has trouble sleeping owing to pain, but I stick to Tylenol. PT always leaves me ragged.

      Christmas is in the air. Love your red basket with pine cones. My Senegal parrot uses both baskets and cones as chew toys.

    7. It's too bad you are still in pain. Hope it disappears before the holidays.

    8. Early for me to think about Christmas other than to wonder what to get the grand kiddies... it is all beautiful and festive!

    9. That is a beautiful display of pine cones. It sings of the holidays. The guy actually left his Waterfords behind. Gracious!


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