November 5, 2013


Astronomical high tides today will send waves not only to the bottom of the pier but over it.  Merchants will be sand bagging the fronts of the stores, and hundreds will crowd the sea wall for pictures.  2013.

After the gym, I stopped in at the store and got more pictures for Facebook then almost walked out without my purse.  If you are interested in all these images I post everyday, you can find me on Facebook at American Cancer Society Discovery Shop/Point Loma.

Then, I actually had time to stop by Hodad’s with JPG’s of the drawing, made it to the cleaners, and ran a couple of other errands.  No Mikey at Hodad’s.  They said he was on a trip, but I don’t know if that’s a usual filtering device when mad artists visit.  Then again, maybe mad artists don’t visit often and he was really on a trip.

What I think I am really going to do is cut the middle of Mikey out so you can see the store behind him.  Everyone else seems appalled at the thought, but the idea brings a smile to my face perhaps makes it even more a work of Genre art.  Mikey owns one of the very first one’s I did in this style.  It’s really bad  It’s a wishy washy, quick color sketch, and it’s totally bland and embarrassingly innocuous as a work of art.  This piece certainly isn’t.

Photo of storefront that I worked from.

First inking.

Addding mmore color using colored/wax based pencils.  Not good, but they are what I have.

Mostly finished color.  I’ve been thinking of making that top blue a darker purple.

Mikey who owns Hodad’s.  Diner’s Drive-in’s and Dives love his burgers.  So do we. 


  1. Yikes! I missed the big waves! And I love the big waves!

  2. How pretty! You are certainly talented.

  3. This is so fascinating. I would love to do art, it must be very fulfilling.

    Re a trip to Europe, it won't happen before 2015, no matter what. It's all your fault, and Wendy's too, that I am thinking about redoing the kitchen. I got a bad case of envy looking at your kitchens.

    Am planning a trip to San Diego in October 2014.

    I can't vote today. The stupid Republicans chose a Tea Party guy for the governor's race, and the Democrats an incompetent and a sleaze bag as their candidate. I stayed home. David went to vote for the Tea Party guy. The legislature will remain dominated by right-wing Republicans, so whoever is elected, and it looks like it will be the Dem…he will have an uphill battle. Dianne

  4. That must have been one huge tide!
    I love seeing your art; thank you.

  5. Love your art and art lesson, well planned magic. Sounds like some humdinger waves out there.

  6. I have sketched...recreating in detail some thing of nature...shells, but never developed style or creativity with it. I so wish I could draw and then paint!

  7. I would think Mikey would be tickled pink.

  8. McAuliffe barely squeaked by. With a legislature that is 75% red, and no mandate, he won’t get far. The Republicans deserved to lose…they should have had a primary, but most Republicans wanted Bill Bolling, the LT Gov, as the nominee, and he was too ‘liberal’ for the extreme right. Consequently, many Republicans voted Democrat.

    Dems do it too. I hated the way Obama was nominated with caucuses, while Hillary ran in primaries and got votes. Caucuses are not democratic. boo hiss!!

  9. I am thrilled by your work. It's all in the details in this one.

  10. Mage! You are totally amazing!!! This is fabulous! You really have a gift for art.


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