November 25, 2013


Mage’s tree; Arlington VA.  Photo: Schmidley.

Monday’s are a bit confusing around here.  I’m always ready to leap into something like grocery shopping, but first there’s the call to or from Bobbie.  There’s the book I am reading, there’s always something to slow me down.  Bed making, dish washing, and always picking up after me.

I’m determined to get to the grocery store today.  There may be a holiday mid-week, but there’s still breakfast and lunches to stock up for…yogurt, bread, cheeses.  That sort of thing.  Thanksgiving meal we will be out with Poolie and her sister, but we will still need breakfast and dinner. 

I also want to make sure that G has all he needs for the three days I will be in LA.  Bobbie and Michael’s sister are happily getting rid of things.  I am going up to help stare at the rooms and talk about studio space.  Up Sunday noonish and home via the train on Tuesday.  Perhaps I need to get my ticket here in San Diego as I don’t trust the feds to keep that tiny Van Nuys station open to buy tickets. 

Monday’s always seem to be like this even if I’m not heading to LA or celebrating Thanksgiving.  I like fractured days, but I want to know how I am getting home again.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  Quiet day.  Picked up something for Bobbie, looked for fancy dress for me, haircuts for both, Home Dumpo, Dixieline.   He spoke his one minute and they didn’t gong him.

  • Herself:  Found a most wonderful jacket at Curves….maybe ‘40’s….sleeves didn’t fit.  Perfect.

  • Reading:  Just finished “Katherine Wentworth.”  Nice romance.

  • Balance:  After groceries, go look at that jacket again to see if it could be altered.


    1. If it's Amtrak, I buy my tickets online. (I used to go a few days before, just so I would be sure I had it.) They send you a PDF with one of those -- what do they call it? -- a QR patch?? -- that the conductor just swipes with his phone. And you can print out an extra copy if something happens to the one you have.

      That tree is gorgeous. If I had to make a Christmas tree, I would make one like that!

    2. Good luck with the jacket. Back to pool this AM after <2-year hiatus. Tired this afternoon, but feel uplifted. About to walk the dogs.

      Good luck with train tickets. Stay in touch.

      I discovered many old friends at the pool, also discovered several missing (dead) friends. Two women lost husbands suddenly to brain cancer and lung cancer. Too sad.

      Everyone looked older and fatter. I received compliments on my weight loss. Tomorrow I meet with personal trainer.

      Your tree looks nice. Dianne

    3. Take an empty roll on suitcase to fill with her detritus.

    4. What a fabulous tree!
      The jacket sounds a find. I hope the sleeves can be altered to fit.

    5. I have totally lost my sense of style and fit and my son's wedding really showed that off in the photos. I have to get better at selecting styles and getting fittings!! Just a little jealous, wish someone needed my advice on something.

    6. I've been AWOL a few days. Sorry. Love the tree!

    7. I find great joy in riding the train, hope you do too. I'd get my tickets ahead too. What a wonderful tree.

    8. I'm sure G will be just fine, but it's good to be sure for your own peace of mind.

      Your tree is indeed gorgeous!

    9. The tree and the blue sky.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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