November 3, 2013

North to a Baptism

The Great Geezer and Zoe.  2013.

We are heading north a second day.  Yesterday I sat on the car’s soft seat feeling selfish and outside-of while they went over the baptism ritual with the Reverend Meg.  Today I am going to a breakfast and services. 

I’m really afraid that my hip won’t like their hard chairs and pews, but I will take my fancy cushion along to help.  I will last as long as I can.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  He was wonderful yesterday.  Worked at the museum then out to dinner.  Checked alarms and reset clocks.
  • Herself:  Read, finished the drawing, bought pads to elevate the image but forgot my wallet, read, ate, bed.  Reset watches.
  • Reading:  Stevenson’s “Fletcher's End.”
  • Balance:  Meditation.


    1. Woke this AM thinking about you. Happy to hear you got a clean bill of health on breast cancer. I didn't realize you had a concern. Must have missed that post, or you kept it quiet. Wondered why you were having so many mammograms. Have fun at the baptism.

    2. You will be swept away by the love of it all.

    3. I hope the cushion helps, because most pews in churches are hard.

    4. That is what we all do...try to last as long as we can.

    5. Why are pews so hard especially since many of the sitters are older? Sort of a nod to our Puritan beginnings? Glad your mammo turned out okay, getting that call for a second to come back opens a dark place that's hard to quiet until the good news comes. Peace to you, and good sitting today.

    6. Sorry I meant that call for a second look...

    7. I hope the sit-down services are mercifully short and your hip is particularly long-suffering so that you are not distracted.
      Such a happy photo!

    8. Such a special relationship:)

    9. Ahhh... a fancy cushion sounds wonderful.


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