November 27, 2013

Paper Rippers Beware

Thanksgiving meal this year with Captain Poolie.  Photo 2012.

Did I ever tell you that I hate wrapping presents?  When I was a kid, everyone carefully untied the ribbon and unwrapped the gifts so the paper and ribbons could be used again.  1930’s Depression thinking.  When teasing from my youngest daughter got too much about this, I stopped wrapping each gift.  I’d wrap boxes and use them again year after year.  When we moved in here, I got rid of most of the pre-wrapped boxes.

No ripping paper off packages here.

We now have a younger child at our celebrations.  She gets these big unwieldy packages that need individual wrapping.  Barbie chariots, that sort of thing.  Barbie horses.  So yesterday, I wrapped big unwieldy packages.  I know those giant rips are coming.

Tomorrow, we move on to a food holiday.  I am filled with gratitude that I’m alive and a different person.  I’m also very grateful that we get to have a meal with one of our favorite people, Captain Poolie.  I’m just never excited about the meal itself.  Food holiday meals never seem to agree with either of our stomachs. 

"No MSG please," doesn’t always work, so I’m just grateful for the friends and the season.  Maybe there will be a buffet…that’s our kind of paper ripping for Thanksgiving.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  Worked really hard yesterday playing detective.
  • Herself:  Wrapped, read, and oven steamed beets via Joy of cooking.  It worked really well.  Now I can have my beet salad with goat cheese.  Bobbie not doing well again.
  • Reading:  ”Amberwell” by DES.
  • Balance:  The old fashioned writing in Amberwell gave me a sense of home and place.


    1. My family had the same unwrapping routine. Same reason, somewhere in my stuff I have about 6-7 inches of red satin ribbon that showed up on a gift until I was married and Mom said to keep it. Not sure how it got so short.

      I think when we try to eat in a healthy way our tummies get unused to the fats, salts, fried stuff of former meals and go into revolt. Or maybe I just can't digest as well.

      Anyhoo, Happy Thanksgiving to you both.

    2. Sometimes the wrapping is better than the present.

    3. So funny. We all have the same stash of used wrapping materials.

    4. YOWZA! I look like a wrapped present! Hilarious! Really looking forward to spending time with you two tomorrow. YESSSS! It's not about the food for me either. I have no interest in festive eating.

    5. I know about being frugal with wrapping paper. Very important. Happy Thnksgiving. Dianne

    6. How I wish I was going to be spending Thanksgiving with you and George and Poola and Mia...aka Barb. Please give everyone a big hug from me. Right now the snow is coming down looks beautiful too.

    7. My depression era parents, aunts and uncles did the same unwrapping routine. For decades I saved those premade bows and gift boxes. Some of the boxes left our home filled with gifts for relatives and occasionally made their way back to our home via a circuitous gift-giving route.

      Our next generation relatives buy new for each occasion.

      Happy Thanksgiving and content, happy tummies.

    8. I'm not fond of wrapping presents, either. My mother recycled wrapping paper, but I don't. I do use gift bags, and so do some of my friends - and they definitely get recycled, year by year (the gift bags - but I guess I "recycle" my friends too.).
      Happy Thanksgiving!

    9. Brickpaver from OD....
      Thanks for the note, it was appreciated. It is funny how relaxed I've been since getting away from the rowing club drama. I never realized what a negative influence all that infighting had on me. RYN: on that tiny upstairs sink..that door is only 24" wide and that sink is the smallest one you can buy. Even a next size up would take up too much room.

    10. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Mage.

    11. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK and this year I am grateful but will do my best to be
      full of goodwill at Christmas.

    12. I agree! I don't always taste the food I'm eating. I'm too busy enjoying the people around me. I don't much enjoy wrapping gifts either. I have to really be in the mood.


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