November 23, 2013

Photography Lag

The little black doll found a home, but the 1940’s Raggedy Ann went to Father Joe’s.

I’ve been taking from 25 to 45 pictures almost every day, but they are all for the store.  By the time I get home, download and post the pictures to the Discovery Shop Point Loma account, I’m ready for a break.  My one diet coke sneaks in this time of day.

He’s sat here all week with a book change or two.

Rarely do I get out just to take pictures.  Part of the excuse may be that often my hip still hurts.  So do all my other arthritic pieces and parts.  I’m slowed down a bit.  Still, when I leave the house, my camera is with me.  Maybe I’m just becoming the queen of thrift store photographers.

Loved the composition.

Today we are off to Costco for Bread, cheese, and sightseeing.  Gee, another store to photograph.  Yes, I am laughing.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  No more fancy cell, $164.00 a month, paid for by the company.  For those who work at home, Skype is the tool.  G’s reverted to his old Razor at $39.00 paid for by himself.  He dragged out his old, lightweight Cannon to leave in the car.
  • Herself:  Took 2 Aleve.  Thursdays seem to be the worst days.  Got a giant Carrot cake for G’s birthday, and he ate a tiny piece.
  • Reading:  While finishing the Panama Canal book, I’m also reading a travel book on the Med.
  • Balance:  Getting the last of the holiday stuff, and letting go.


    1. Tricky to balance everything, but you do it, setting an example for me.

      I wish I could visit your thrift shop. I read Shirley's book ages fact, I read all her books, and loved 'The Camino' the best. Oh to be 25 and take the road to Santiago. The closest I can get is 'Burt Wolfe's Travels' on PBS.

      Sorry about your pain. My knee is better today with shot yesterday. Dianne

    2. Your photos have me wanting to visit your thrift shop.

    3. You can tell your art background in the photos that you take. You make your thrift shop look more like a high end antique shop. You make that little bear look like he has so many stories to tell! Wish I could reduce my phone bill, but hubby wants it with his for a savings!

    4. It really doesn't matter what you take photos of, right? It's the beauty you see in what is around you which you always do.

    5. Just stick with me, Mr. Shoptilludrop, and you will get lots of store pictures.

    6. As always, the photos are gorgeous. I love that raspberry colored chair with the pillow in the last shot. I read The Camino years ago too and enjoyed it so much.


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