November 21, 2013

The Little Things

Sisters, 1985.

Milaka is driving down to pick up her sister.  As soon as her last class is over for the holiday break, they are heading for Arizona.  Laka wasn’t able to come down for her sister’s graduation to see her pop, so this is a pilgrimage for her.

Speaking of daughters, my eldest just got her first credit card.  Her credit score was awfully good for a recovering alcoholic/homeless woman.  She was very excited.  So were we.  Speaking of credit cards, the Geezer was invited to get an AmEx card.  Lots of travel points on it, and we don’t have a card with points.  Instead of getting the American Express card, he talked to someone at another card’s corporate who matched AmEx.   

We’re another pair of drunks with fancy cards.  We never thought of points before this, but Saturday we are making arrangements to go through the Panama Canal.  We can use those new points to fly to Miami in some degree of comfort.  The ship will stop in San Diego on the way up to Alaska.  That’s just what we want.

Little things really matter when you work as hard as G does.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  New client, and G is working really hard to make sure things are right.  Watched the first episode of “Almost Human” and were really impressed.
  • Herself:  And errand and puttering kind of day.  List says photograph the pink sofa at work, eggs, meds, fiber, Got three new books on my list too.
  • Reading:  Nothing but I have hopes for the afternoon.
  • Balance:  Trying to make sense.


    1. I don't really need a card with points, but the AmEx is part of my Costco membership.

      Panama Canal -- super! (Gotta go before they retire all the ships that are small enough to fit through.)

    2. I can't believe how quickly time goes by before I am way behind in reading blogs. I got caught up with yours today. The Panama Canal trip sounds wonderful.

    3. Panama Canal…wow. You will see some interesting parrots along the way. maybe they will stow themselves in your luggage? Dianne

      PS I sure am confused by your daughters photos and names. The gal in lavender in the photo above looks familiar, but she had another name in the photos I saw earlier. Didn't you help her move this past year? She has a young daughter too, I think.

    4. Oh, the Panama Canal! How exciting! When I was in primary school I wrote an essay on the Panama canal - have no idea why that topic, or where I obtained the information - and won a gold medal for it in a regional children's essay competition. Since then (maybe because it brought me a medal?) it's always seemed a particularly exotic, special place.

    5. Travel Points that don't expire are a plus!

    6. Wow, the Panama Canal, how exciting. What a great trip!

    7. A have come a long way baby! Glad that both of your daughters are now on a good path and you must feel you are in the best of all places at this time in your life. Read one of your older journal entries from decades ago and ask yourself if you would have seen this! Will you have to take a walker on your cruise? A cane?

    8. Yae for all of you!!! Gosh! We've never been to the Panama Canal. Aha! You can take the photos and we'll be able to see it through your lens.


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