November 12, 2013

To sleep...perchance to dream...

As the nights get colder, we need to cocoon ourselves in warmer things.  Of course.

Keeping the cotton sheets, at first we changed just the blanket.  Our usual blanket is tired, worn thin, and supposed to be one of those ultra warm things.  Instead, it is ugly but just right.  We have another one.  Fluffy and thick.  It proved not quite warm enough for the 50 degree weather with the windows open. 

So we put the quilt on.  I use it for the bedspread, but during the 30 and 40 degree nights, it is the perfect coverlet.  Nope too hot.  Not only did I dream, but I remembered most of it all as I tossed and turned.  Really awful action movie stuff.  So did G.

Last night, we put the flannel sheets on then laid our worn out old blanket on top.  What a gift to sleep wonderfully all night long.  Snug as a bug in a rug….now where did I get that? 

How do you all stay warm during the chilly or downright cold winter nights?

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  He ran up and down stairs to do laundry while working then we off to a mountain meeting in the great outdoors.  Layered in long everythings, plus leather coat, Mickey gloves, and knitted hat, he also took a polartec throw.  He said some of the guys were cold, but he wasn’t.
  • Herself:  Went in to take more shots at the discovery shop and discovered five giant boxes of books blocking everyone’s access.  Shelved them and then took pictures.  Found Facebook old uploader still won’t upload.  I will call after I swim.
  • Reading:  Garbage mystery.
  • Balance:  Having a red living room again.


    1. What a nice warm looking living room. My bed is made of sheet and cover in the summer and then one blanket by fall and then a quilt for winter. I wear more clothes to bed if it gets chilly. Mostly just socks though. Even when I camp if my feet are warm, I'm warm.

    2. Brilliant. I can see I will have to check with you before I visit next year. As you are sure to snap a photo, I don't want to clash with the furniture.

      Sleeping, I have a couple of blankets in winter, As I age and hot flashes become a distant memory, I need more warmth. 41 degrees here today and temps are dropping. We are getting the cold Canadian air.

      Love the nineteenth century grandfather clock with it's broken pediment. Dianne

    3. The warmest blankets are acrylic ones I knitted or crocheted many years ago. (Despite all the things that people don't like about acrylic, it is warm and holds up well.)

      I generally use more than one small one, so that I can add or subtract. (I am warmer lying on my back than on my side.)

      And I do use one small quilt, which happens to be warm enough most of the time, but I use it because it was made and given with love. 8)

    4. Doing okay here. I wondered as I read about the switch of rugs and furniture moving how that went.

      PT this AM, he says the pain across my right thigh is the "sartorius" muscle. The one tailors irritated when they sat cross-legged. Got permission to cross my ankles. Hooray.

    5. 1. Beautiful reds!
      2. How do you keep all that white clean?
      3. Wool socks rock!

    6. How do I stay warm? Cats, lots of cats!

    7. The flannel sheets are a luxury.

    8. That room looks so warm and cosy!
      In winter I use a sheepskin bed base, an electric blanket and a thick doona. Thick socks. And there's often a purring cat, too. Very snug!

    9. Cold weather??? You Californians...excuse me "Southern Californians" just have to get over yourselves! And just WHEN are you coming to decorate?

    10. OD seems to be behaving much smoother as of late. I laugh now on how my mom and dad fought back against the system back in 1943.From what I understand fraternizing between enlisted and officers was quite an offense at the time.
      It is turning cold here now..however..I use flannel sheets year round.
      RYN: The closest supermarket is actually not far from my is right by the University which makes it off limits on Game Days!

    11. I'm afraid that Alastair and I started using an over electric blanket some years ago in the winter and now I'm alone I sure need it and bed socks.
      Today I put on my winter underwear and feel enormous.

    12. You certainly have a gift with décor. Lovely room.

    13. Ummmm.... I guess I have to say we don't have to worry about that here in Hawaii. It doesn't usually get cold enough to need to do anything other than adding a blanket.

    14. I have a 15+ year old down comforter that has likely lost half its insides over the years, one downy piece at a time. It doesn't get much colder than upper 40's here in the house since we got that insulation... most of the time in the low 50's when i wake up to turn on some heat... The down does me just fine and I find myself sticking my feet out into the cold and my arms because I am too hot...


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