November 7, 2013


Ok, I got home at 0830, and I have been attempting to upload a photo to Snapfish ever since.  If it had not been so frustrating, it would have been interesting.

What I think happened was that windows did an update.  I ran the photo I wanted through Photoshop Elements….which wouldn’t work.  Finally I called the big gun in, and after restarting my computer, he was able to get the toolbar to work.  Then I wanted to upload the picture so I could put it here. Nope.  I changed browsers from Chrome to Firefox….nope again.  Restart, nope.

I couldn’t get to my Flickr account because my Yahoo account had been inactivated.  What?  But I use it all the time for another blog.  I could get to G’s Photobucket account.  After two sessions with a live tech, and a lot of long silences over which I played solitaire, she uploaded the photo, told me to restart again, and wow…there was a download. 

So here I am to show you on top the new doodle, and on the bottom the format I used when I was just starting out with these genre things.  Top: Photobucket.  Bottoom: Snapfish.  Time: 1052.

Yes, that was Mikey in the doorway watching the officers bust a drunk on the corner.  Ah, early morning OB reality.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  • Himself and herself:  Gym and work.  He took off an hour early and we went to Tiffany’s gathering at the Club.  Saw lots of friends and did a little crying.
  • Herself:  Pool, work with the books, and bought flowers and baked cookies for the gathering.  She was only 41.
  • Balance:  Getting my photos to work again right.


    1. Mike looks good with no middle.

    2. I like looking through Mikey to the rest of the picture. You put a lot of detail and hard work on this.

    3. You have s many irons in the fire, it's a wonder you can keep them going. So sad to lose a friend, especially a young friend. {{hugs}} Dianne

    4. Sending you hugs, its been a tough time. Love your art.

    5. Wow, what a difference between the early painting and your new one! To me, the first one feels as if everything is being observed from a distance, but the second one is alive. I love it.
      Any loss is sad, but it's particularly sad, isn't it, to lose someone who was only 41.

    6. Sometimes I wonder if the updates can do more harm than good. My iPhone is acting peculiar occasionally since the last update.

    7. I'm here, reading...this is beautiful...glad you got it uploaded here...


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