November 24, 2013

With Camera

These strike me as really ugly colors, for some reason.

We went window-shopping yesterday.  Costco…and lots of photographs of holiday things between buying a loaf of bread, tags for presents, and a nice hot chicken for dinner.  Yes, I am embarrassed to show you all the blindingly decorative cheap stuff that's in the stores for a holiday a month away.  Yes, I took an acre of pictures.

All together, this stuff is really ugly.

He spoke at the Friday night meeting after work, and Saturday morning we started our day at Costco.  Dear retail industry.  I do understand that most of your income for the year comes from holiday sales.  I’m sorry to tell you that I’m one of those who shop during the year.  Many are getting my photographs this year.  Some grandkids are getting money. 

I love repetitions.

This year the colors seem skewed, and even the repetitions seem off.  While they worry about what’s going to appeal to me and what I am going to buy, I am going to keep on discarding stuff. 

For me, this holiday is about lighter and lighter.

Darker and darker.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  He spoke Friday and will speak again tonight and Monday night.  A week long birthday is an ok thing when one is twenty nine.  He did have fun window shopping yesterday.  Looking for a small tablet to replace his phone while he shrinks back to his flip phone.
  • Herself:  Walking better.  How do I know?  Rode through Costco, but had to walk back from the far end of the giant Target.  No more skooters at Best Buy.  Boo.  Read newest Janet Evanovich 12 yesterday.  Unmemorable dinner at Red Lobster….great server Dianne tho.
  • Reading:  Evanovich’s lead characters need to make a decision.  Plot line with them is tedious while the excitement of the story itself is good.
  • Balance:  Sunshine.


    1. have to agree that some of the colors are so harsh.....but I still love your photos.

    2. They say the retail industry is in a panic this year because of the shorter buying season between Thanksgiving and Christmas. However they also say that even by creating earlier, longer shopping times, the actual sales stay the same. I guess people have only a given amount to spend so it doesn't matter if you start at midnight onThanksgiving day. When I see the holiday displays it actually stresses me out.

    3. Christmas is suddenly with us in stores here, too. And yesterday when I visited Jess her aged care hostel was glittering brightly. I think I'd best accept that Christmas is only a month away, and start planning!

    4. Looks a little retro on holiday colors and decoration. I avoid the stores as much as I can, but I am not getting hints from the the kids...and I hate that!!

    5. All these new Christmas ornaments makes you wonder if most people just toss them away every year. Such waste.

    6. I still like best the ornaments my Mom bought from Montgomery Ward all those years ago. my daughter has them now. If I want to see them I must drive down there for Christmas.

      Question, should I worry about my artist granddaughter who has died her blonde hair pink and green and is moving back to the small town where she went to college to live with a friend who happens to be a boy? My daughter says it's an artist thing. Dianne

    7. Repetitions. I love your repetitions photos! I want you to do a book. Maybe with no words..just a picture book with a little intro from you. Or maybe just a sentence or a single word on each page. Over the years I have marveled at how you can look at a set of identical/ similar objects on a store shelf and capture beauty. Your photos inspire me to be more aware of and intrigued by everyday surroundings.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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