November 26, 2013


Zoe and the Geezer Thanksgiving, 2012.

My goal is to wrap presents today.  We need to send money to Spain, and we need to put checks with a couple of presents today.  I can do this.

We got both kids and Bobbie XXXXX XXXXXX.  There’s a tiny mountain of things for the Great Geezer.  XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXX, and XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.  While he is slaving away up here, I will be down there wrapping things.  He won’t remember that I am there.  Bobbie reads my blog infrequently.  The kids don’t read it at all.  I should be safe.

I’d love to take one granddaughter to Blicks and just let her loose.  I bought my degree, and so can she….but I had massive student loans to pay off after graduation.  She doesn’t.  I need to contact the parents of the grandkids who haven’t reached out to us this year and ask if they want us to ignore their kids or not.  Ah, reality.

Our reality this Thanksgiving is pretty darned good.  We are alive.  We are clean and sober and not homeless…I mean, what more could one want.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  Took a second carrot cake at his men’s meeting.  Brought me home a piece. 
  • Herself:  Swam, warm, looking forward to wrapping things.
  • Reading:  Starting Amberwell.
  • Balance:  Ommmmmmmmm…..


    1. That is such a warm and loving photo of G and Zoe. It really is a bad feeling when gifts are not acknowledged. I'm so sorry, Mage.

    2. I admire those who have perspective. They have their act together. I can sense the holiday tension of things to do creeping up in you post, though.

    3. You are so organized! I suspect gift cards and checks will be featured heavily by me this year. Sometimes you just do what you can do. Praying for a peaceful holiday and some reconciliation for you.

    4. Oh Joy!! Some of my relatives read my blog, others don't. You never know who's listening. Sounds as if you have things pretty well rapped up.

      The good news.. we went to the gym yesterday,me to pool, David to tennis court. Met with my personal trainer today…Ang Lee (not the director) and when he asked me of I liked to exercise, I said NO…I'd rather be reading. Still, enjoyed the pool yesterday. Ang gave me some exercises for my knee.

    5. Oh, is it that time of the year already?! I'm procrastinating, telling myself I'll plan Christmas and its gifties "next week". i admire your organisation.

    6. "Christmas won't be Christmas withou any presents" grumbled Jo.

      Love the wrapping, love the opening, love the giving and getting. Hate the stores, the pressure and the commercialism. My best ever Christmas was when I was 11 and my dying grandmother sent me to Woolworths with her family Christmas list and her wallet. To be trusted with purchasing my beloved grandma's last gifts was the most loving gift I have ever received.

    7. And you have each other.
      I'm so happy for you Mage.


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