December 6, 2013

A Couple of Good Days

They look like they are having too much fun.

The calendar fills.  There’s a pot luck at the Cancer Society, there’s a volunteer party at the museum, there’s Harry’s party, there’s Holiday Lights in the Park….which we both work, and after having nothing here we have invited about seven folks here for wassail. 

Yes, I got the new calendar.  Yes, I happily ran errands out there in the cold world yesterday.  I even wrapped the last of the presents…mostly things for the present exchanges.  Got the invite done…three times.  Forgot the date the first time.  Forgot the time on the third.  Loosing my mind on the forth.  Oy!  Got the holiday letter off…email this year.  Progress.

Now I am off to the gym where I will walk more and hopefully weigh less after a long, long time.


Actually leaving here at 0701, which means leaving the computer room fully suited up at 0655, got me in the pool at 0710.  I got a twenty minute walk in before the class started.  I leave the class early to stretch in the hot tub….yes, I can take my right sock off now.  I shall keep it up.

Off now to the store for the Glitz and Glam affair.  I can do this too, camera in hand.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:

  Played with his birthday present on and off all day saying work was slow.  He loves his tablet.
  • Herself:  Can no longer get into my old blog site Open Diary.  I miss those friends.  Can barely get into my suits.  Life is pretty darned good despite my width.
  • Reading:  A Kay Christmas book.  Her characterizations aren’t bad at all despite the wimpyness of the romances.

  • Balance:  It’s Friday.


    1. The holidays are certainly filling up!

    2. I think it's great that you are having a party to celebrate the season. Good luck and best wishes, Mage.

    3. YOu sound so busy and so happy. I was so glad to get out of the holiday get-togethers...just not the social type, but realize they are important and now going to one at the museum and an anniversary dinner for my daughters in-laws. I need to get out of my corner!

    4. You seem to recover more all the time, hooray! Celebrate! Got my new purse calendar too.

    5. Oh, I love those reindeer!
      Yes, this is the season of parties - and food, unfortunately. I'm already putting on weight, I think - and that's only because of the shortbread I had in my cupboard for drop-ins. (Note: "had", not "have") But I really enjoy the getting-together part of the get-togethers.
      Congratulations on your increasing fitness.
      I'm sorry you can't get into your OD blog. OD is working well right now. I just now visited your blog and had no trouble at all. Maybe try again, if you have time?

    6. Let the Holiday Parties begin!

    7. I'm a day behind reading your posts, but am still looking for the title of the Roosevelt-Churchill book you mentioned yesterday.

      You social butterfly you. I haven't addressed a single Christmas card. So many don't send them out any more, however, I have some nice ones from the Cancer Society. Dianne

    8. Seeing your comment about weighing less made me remember that line from somebody (can't remember who) who said the best exercise for weight loss is the old push back (pushing back from the table). :-) Glad to see you're still perking!

    9. It's that busy time of year. I started visiting blog friends by hitting your blog first and then the time flew and I realize I need to get downstairs and have breakfast.


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