December 30, 2013

A Sorting Kind of Day


It’s a sorting, finding, organizing sort of day, 
a where did I put this or that…an endless search
at times day;
this rose is nice.  I found the roses, now I feel
triumphant.  I found Bobbie.  Images from
1966 through
2013 now sit in a backed up folder.
After I give most of my bears and bunnies to Zoe.
and discard a dozen worn out shoes,
I may sort more images
as it is a sorting, finding, organizing sort of day.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  Working today and tomorrow.
  • Herself:  Organizating.  LOL
  • Reading:  Churchill.
  • Balance:  Feeling pretty darned good.


    1. Yes indeed, it is the kind of triumphant day that closes with a sense of satisfaction. The rhythm of your verse offers me a shared sense of satisfaction even as I enjoy a sitting, tea-sipping, reading kind of day.

      May you continue to feel pretty darned good in 2014! Happy New Year to you and yours.

    2. Well, if you have learned anything about me at all, sorting is sort of an orgasmic experience for me!

    3. Removing clutter from our lives is freeing. Dianne

    4. Lightening up making room in your life for the new, I like it too.

    5. Me, too! It was a sorting, cleaning sort of day for me. It's all in preparation for the new year. It feels even more hectic than Christmas. Maybe it's because of the traditions we need to uphold.

      I love your beautiful rose, Mage. Have a wonderful, healthy, happy, fabulous new year! Thank you for being my friend. You make my years happier.

    6. Sorting is good. I get to do that next week before my friend comes to visit.


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