December 27, 2013

An Inner Peace

Change indeed.  2013.

It’s been a good year after all.  I worry.  Despite myself, I can then let it all go.  Perhaps it’s my inner core of laziness that makes it all work.  My damaged memory eases llife.  In my case, inertia mixes well with newly learned behaviors, and now I find I’ve an inner peace that I never had before.

I hope you all find a happy coming year at your fingertips too.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Yesterday: A lazy day.  Bought three new paperbacks and lived through the sticker shock.  After a great traffic struggle, Bobbie met us at Fashion Valley.  I got a new coat.  We had an ice cream that tasted sour to me then came home and talked.
  • Himself:  Gym, work, meeting.
  • Herself:  Pool. Work, post shots, meeting.
  • Reading:  The Roosevelt Churchill book.
  • Balance:  Stretching in the hot tub.


    1. This is a very interesting photo to go with your end of the year thoughts, Mage. It's been a good year for me too, but I do worry about the wolf behind me.... Not to mention the snake I'm staring at.

    2. What a fitting photo for how I'm feeling at the moment. An inner peace is a blessing for sure. May it always be so.

    3. Being a little older, we can still hope for improvement each year. I'm working on it.

    4. Makes me wonder what shadows we all are carrying on our backs. And, how we can change them, fortunately we aren't rabbits!?

    5. Lucky you. Our pool was closed Friday…murky unsafe water…yuck!!

      Inner peace is good. long time coming.

      I'm like Harriet, working on it. Love the rabbit. Dianne


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