December 24, 2013

And a Merry Christmas to All

Merry Christmas to you all.

A few neighbors are stopping in.  Some early, some late.  That’s just right. 

I’ll add a few more characters to the tree before our visitors get here.  Gotta fill in those gaps.  The Geezer has Christmas music on everywhere, and I am singing along. 

Smells of simmering wassail fill the house as I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

Grandma Maudie’s Wassail

1 Big bottle of Cider
3 sticks of Cinnamon
I good sized orange
Small jar of cloves

Before breakfast, pour the cider into a deep pan.  Heat to just past simmer and turn down low.  Add the cinnamon sticks, and slice the orange.  Stick one clove in each orange segment.  Simmer very slowly all day.  Serves 6 to 10.  Double cider and orange slices for up to 20 guests.  


  1. Your words and photos tickle the senses with lovely Christmas sights, sounds and aromas. Blessings to you. You are a blessing to others.

  2. It's already very early Christmas morning here, and your entry has added to my Christmassy feel. Thank you! I hope you have a really lovely Christmas eve - and Christmas Day, too. That wassail sounds delicious.

  3. Merry Christmas, Mage! Have a wonderful time! I do love your trees! Hmmm... I need to go find some Christmas music.

  4. belated merry christmas and on-time happy new year 2014 wishes, mage.

  5. I missed the gathering! Hope you got my email about why.


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