December 4, 2013

Artistic Gestures

Here Bobbie nails the drop to the floor of the painting studio space.

Bobbie and I dug in to her studio mess as soon as I arrived.  We cleared out and discarded books from the giant, tall bookcase.  Rearranging the remaining books left her with three shelves that she could now fill and access with stuff she would use every day.  Boxes of the discarded books were dragged down three flights to the garage. 

Michael hadn’t wanted any change the last years before his death.  Her studio, which had been the living room first now became a rabbit warren.  Her art supplies piled up until the room looked as if a hoarder lived in it instead of a painter.

Monday morning, we cleared out a desk from Mikey’s room upstairs where she will throw paint around.  We covered her good carpeting there with a plastic liner and a drop cloth that she nailed down.  Just down the hall, this next room will be the sewing room where she sews attachments to the paintings.  The old studio will be the room where the drawing is done on her big drawing table.  We made more room there by taking apart a giant table, sliding it up a flight of stairs, and setting it up in the new painting room.

Each of the three rooms that are part of the studio will have only a piece or two of furniture remaining in it leaving room for large, artistic gestures. 

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  He saw
Enders Game, went to two meetings, and said he missed me.
  • Herself:  Learned that I could lift, tote, pack, and do all sorts of heavy physical stuff but still cannot walk a couple of hundred yards without puffing.  Missed G.  Wonderful lady as a seat mate coming home on the train.
  • Reading:  Nothing at this exact second.
  • Balance:  Swimming and work.  LOL


    1. Pretty rewarding isn't it? Getting outside the comfort zone can answer so many questions and feeling needed is the best.

    2. It was so nice of you to help your friend, Mage. I am sure she was grateful, too.

    3. Ooooh I am loving this! Transformation thrills me. My favorite movie scene of all time, (well, second only to the Out of Africa shampoo scene, ) is when Calamity and Katie spiff up the cabin! (Calamity Jane, 1953). Your beautiful photo with today's post evokes both memory and possibility ...simple statement of one woman's past, present, and future.

    4. She is blessed to have you. So am I.

    5. You are really wonderful to help your friend organize her space to be more usable and comfortable. I find I am constantly having to get rid of clutter and keep things orderly. She will now be free to be even more creative.

    6. That lovely photo with its light flowing in suggests much creativity ahead.
      I imagine the trahsformations were really satisfying for both Bobbie and you. Isn't it great to make so much change so quickly.

    7. Oh I envy your train ride. I love the LA to San Diego run. Your artist friend's studio on three levels sounds sensational (yes, I already forgot her name, although I read it 2 minutes ago. Sorry about the puffing. Mine is better since I lost weight. Caught my reflection in the mirror in the locker room. I still wobble in places. Hopefully these workout will help. Ate kale and white bean soup for lunch followed by a big salad..arugula.goat cheese, pear bits, walnuts…a real SoCal meal!!

    8. Fabulous light in that photo. Looks like you two were just the right combination to launch this. Glad you found yourself able to do these things, exciting isn't it?

    9. Creating her studio spaces surely offered some healing for you both--her following loss of a loved one and you with the assurance that such physical assistance for others is still yours to give.

    10. That certainly sounds like an inspiring place to work. How nice of you to help her with it.


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