December 19, 2013

Cloving It


Every morning when I get to the shop, the first thing I do is take pictures for Facebook.  At first, I had a real struggle with the various functions.  And I confess, I still can’t get pictures and copy into the event section.  I am doing better overall.

Although whoever is taking the pictures are all volunteers, the organization has some guidelines for us.  Keep it simple.  Single items, if we can, and have them against plain backgrounds.  This makes sense, but if I couldn’t run my Photoshop, I would be in such trouble.  Why?  For instance, the clove basket was shot with the bottom of the basket out of the picture.  There was also a green something in one corner and a pair of glasses in another.  I Photoshopped it.

I don’t have the time to go back to the store and take more views of things like this basket.  Just once through the store.  15 minutes.  Poof, the customers come in, and I vanish into the back room.  Sometimes I even shoot things in the backroom. 

It’s one part of my job I delight in.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  • Himself: He says he is still fuzzy.
  • Herself:  Hurt after walking for an hour in the pool yesterday.  I’m cutting it short today.
  • Reading:  Finished my Rizzoli and Isles.
  • Balance:  Teeth cleaning with an unfamiliar antibiotic this morning.


  1. I am taking i easy with pool. Three times per week, 45 minutes, mostly walking. Dianne

  2. You do the photography so well, too.

    I am thinking about the pool option. I need to explore the logistics at the Y for getting in and out of pool, temps in and out of water, and logistics getting there and back.

    You and Dianne challenge me with all you do. In the meantime I will keep on walking the bridge. Hooray for my Stroke/sisters!

  3. What a happy combination of your photography skills and the shop's need to photograph their items! No wonder they have queues waiting on sales days, with the publicity the photographs give.

  4. How many photos do you have to squeeze in each time? Do you get to select what to photo, or do they request certain objects? Just curious.

  5. You have fine Photoshop skills, Mage.

  6. To think that you have become their techie.

  7. Lovely photo and I'm quite curious about the box. I'll try to research, but just for curiosity' sake - how much would one of those things be? ALso, do you ever get in Amish quilts? I was asked about one by someone - what would be the prices? I don't suppose in any universe I could plug into that I could get one for about $50?

    Balansert :-)

  8. Dear Balansert, how nice to see you. I think that box is about six american dollars. No Amish quilts at all. I'd probably ask about $150 for it. Perhaps you could get one for your 50 at an estate sale or on American eBay. See what happens.

  9. I'm impressed with your social media, photography, techy, etc. knowledge.

  10. Oh yes! I agree about Photoshop. I can't do without it now. That's a gorgeous photo, Mage. That's a clove basket? How interesting!


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