December 5, 2013

Erratic Me

I’m going to try something new.  Adding a little time walking or jogging in the pool before the aerobics class, will help me take off the pounds.

Oh, you would laugh at me today.  I left the computer room at 7am, popped the dishes in the dishwasher so Marta wouldn’t do them, and made it to the gym by 0730.  The gym is only five blocks away.  There’s high school traffic using the roads going up the hill this way, and there are a million mom’s dropping off their kids at a junior high next to the gym. 

So, my blogging may grow a little erratic until I get used to the new schedule.  Maybe afternoons instead of the before dawn sort of thing.  I may grow a little erratic too, come to think of it.  This work trip to Bobbies proved to me that I’m doing better than I thought physically.  The tests at the cardiologists proved my heart is in good condition so all I need to do is walk puff, puff, puff…..puffing along.    

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  •>Himself:  He’s playing with his birthday present.  When asked he replies, “Work is slow.”  They will deal with their wrecked cars after the holidays.  Working half day on the 24th.
  • Herself:  Having a small “thing” Christmas eve so sending out invites today.  Sending cards to the grandkids and their families with a tiny letter.  Buying new insert for my paper calendar, and buying new ship calendar from Peter Knego.  It’s going to be a day of little things like that.
  • Traffic:  5 was closed last night because a pedestrian tried to walk across the freeway.  8 west was closed this morning because of two horrific accidents.  163 is closed now because of a jumper.  I’ll take surface streets.
  • Reading:  I have a whole pile most of which are going back to the store because they are garbage.  I did get the Roosevelt and Churchill book.  It appears to be a keeper.
  • Balance:  Getting the little things done.


  1. Three cheers to that lady walking to the gym!!

  2. I read your line about taking back garbage as "I had a whole pie most of which ...", was relieved on rereading to realise you were talking about books.
    Best wishes with your walking in water.

  3. We're Walking.... We're Walking....

  4. Just read the last few posts. I am thrilled that you are able to carry and heave and slide and shove! I will expect my invite to the small thing within the next few days. This is Bonnie, in case I am unable to figure out how to choose an identity.

  5. I got to the gym twice this week. May still take off tomorrow, but I had to cook something today. David is feeling put upon. :~))

    Last Dr. visit of the year this week, so next week will be easier. Eczema acting up, so can't do pool more than 2-3 times per week. Hair stylist today, I look like a shaggy dog.

    Do tell…which Roosevelt-Churchill book? Dianne

  6. Good for you for taking care of yourself.

    When I first saw the Christmas tree stands, I thought you were a tad early.. with St. Patrick's Day hats. ;)


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