December 12, 2013

Gone With The Wind

Printing in my old journals plus a doodle.  The poem joyous about a house instead of homelessness or apartment.

My handwriting is no longer legible…gone with the wind.  My printing is no longer readable at all.  The worst of it, nothing in our phone book can be deciphered.  Is that a three or a seven.  I peer at the numbers and pass the book on to George.  Perhaps it’s an eight.  No?  He can’t read the numbers either. 

I sent an email holiday letter this year.  Sometimes all you can do if you have had a stroke and small TIA’s is laugh at yourself.

I tried inputting the phonebook into the computer a few years ago, but I think I got above myself.  Size 12 type doesn’t cut it on a 3x5 sheet.  This year I’ve begun that project again using size 10 type.  Much better, but I can’t read everyone’s addresses.  What’s that called?  Serendipity.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:

  He’s come down with a cold.  Someone in the gym had one, and now he is coughing, sneezing, and being half way miserable this first day.  Busy day doing someone else’s work yesterday, and today doing his job.  He grins.
  • Herself:  Filled the book shelves yesterday….good stuff.  No pool today.  Both are closed.  I’m not using the machines where G caught his cold either.  I’ll see if I can walk around the block as exercise.  Getting a kid a toy off the YMCA angel tree.
  • Family:  Margot finished her last final.  Got a C in one class, and now moves on to three classes in San Bernardino.  We are really proud of her.
  • Reading:  Finished an old one, “Reardon.”  A bit dated but well written.
  • Balance:  Walking.  Reading.  Not kissing G.


    1. I'm glad you can still see and type so that you can blog. :)

    2. ...and read your beloved books.

    3. My sympathies about the handwriting. You are right about stroke. Have to laugh, let it go and appreciate the things we can do and the people who bring joy, laughter and all kinds of connections into our lives.

      Otherwise despair looms ready to pounce. Thanks for helping me choose the happier way in this post-stroke journey.

    4. I love that page from your old journal! It shows so much about you - your joy at the house and also your talent.
      I think handwriting, for many people, disintegrates as we age. I bless the computer, which allows us to continue writing more or less legibly. I also bless Google, which allows me to make many shadowy memories clear again.

    5. Oh the misery of colds and handwriting. I had to fill out a form today…such chicken scratches!! Dianne

    6. I don't use cursive anymore. Haven't for years. It's all block printing. So far, so good.

    7. We're doing half our holiday greetings by email too. With the price of stamps going up and the convenience of the computer, I can send out our newsletter with photos so much easier by email.

    8. I'm so amazed by your artistic talent, Mage. I wish you were here to teach me.

    9. I'm back because I missed the caption under the image. Because I subscribe to comments and found people complimenting your art and speaking of journals, I knew I'd missed something.

      I see you've always been an outside of the box kinda girl. :) Thanks for sharing your creative mind.

    10. Your drawing and prose is wonderful. I would love to cut it out and frame it.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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