December 29, 2013

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Comic Con; Even Photoshopped badly, this image has power.  2013

I’m always amazed at what I find when I scan the images I’ve taken during the past year.  Many times it’s as if I don’t remember taking them at all.  But there they are.

Here’s another sample of what my eye saw this last year of 2013.

Mother and daughter…just a quick snapshot, Comic Con, 2013.

Unfortunately, there were at least a hundred good shots at Comic Con this year.  Among the family pictures, I found the Geezer took the best shots of Mikey, but one of mine seems a perfect image of Paul.

Paul Adams Hawkins at his daughter’s graduation from Palomar College, 2013.

Bobbie in her new studio area.

I liked the series on fruits and veggies too.  2013.


For some reason, I’ve always doggedly photographed my houses or the displays in our houses.  Perhaps because I have no memory, but also because I have lost so many homes.

Family pictures: Is that really a smile on Grampa’s face?

Sometimes it’s just the color that catches my eye.  2013.

A marvelous glaze and shape on this bowl.  2013, Mingei Museum.

The bow sprit of the Surprise.  2013.

Perhaps I need to pick up my camera and go see what the world has to offer today too.


  1. Off we go into the wild blue yonder!

  2. Beautiful shots (except for the scary ones. I love the bowl. Love ceramics perioed. Dianne

  3. A wonderful look back, at some that are new and several that I am enjoying again, I think.

  4. You have taken so many incredible photos, Mage. The colors and design are amazing.


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