December 8, 2013

Lights Please

Gimpa’s old Morris chair with an truly abstract cat in attendance.  I bought him at Comic Con 2013.

I know everyone is busy, but I miss you all.

Lots of laughter around here today.  Though I started off slowly, G hauled me off to the new AMC in La Jolla to see “Last Vegas.”  AARP Magazine thought it hilarious, but I just thought it a lot of fun.  And those vast, new, overstuffed seats were wonderful.  It’s the first time I could go out and sit somewhere for more than 45 minutes.  I’m now a devoted fan of that theater.

Installing the blue lights.

Not a devoted fan of “December Nights.”  This was my third year, and though it wasn’t quite as cold as last year and no one tried to steal anything, enough was enough.  Rain and cold kept the crowds away.  Oh Brrrrr, and tonight too. 

A critter tree.

After the show, he put up the lights.  I kept a straight face, cause I love him, as we returned to the store twice for needed electrical stuff.  Blue and white icecikles and blankets of colors on the bushes out front.  Blue around the front door too. 

If I may say so, we look a little confused but wonderful.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:

  I think he had fun putting lights on the house.  He sure did like the film.
  • Herself:  Doctor instead of swimming.  My insurance company doesn’t like one of my meds, so in I go.  Then to work three hours.  Pricing.  Maybe I can sneak a few books in.
  • Reading:  ”Franklin and Winston,” an intimate portrait of an epic friendship.  Authhor: Jon Meacham.  We will see, but I have hopes.
  • Balance:  Being able to give back.


    1. Sweet, warm homey tree. Made me feel good just looking at it.

    2. I think the multi-colored lights don't look good with the blue & white.

    3. I got the Meacham book this AM. Thanks.

      So great G likes lights. David likes them if someone else does them, no a Christmas boy here I fear. Oh well, I am enjoying your Christmas cheer from afar. Dianne

      PS I loves your cat pillow!!

    4. So Christmasy, this post - and the lovely colourful new banner at the top, too. I love your Christmas tree!

    5. Your tree looks lovely.
      What a boon to find comfy seats. Makes such a difference.

    6. That looks very festive and beautiful, Mage. Art likes seeing the lights too.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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