December 22, 2013

Of Good Value

L’il B’s, Copyright: The Daily Aztec.

Our stair carpets sparkle with cleanliness, our sense of history is polished by the film “The Butler,” our bodies are sated from the giant sized portions from L’il B’s, and our souls are content after half a day in the good company of friends.

What more could one ask.

Oh, the kitchen needs painting, all my nightgowns are worn through, and my favorite tennies are air conditioned.  Little things that don’t really matter right now.

For years my mind was filled with expectations.  Nervousness and alcohol usually added fire to my thinking.  These days, I can stay in the now.  I can enjoy who I am and where I am now. 

No expectations allowed.  No Thinking allowed.  Life is of good value, just today.


  1. Just yesterday I advised my oldest son to stay in the now.

  2. The day has started here with soft, soaking, so-welcome rain and there is a magpie warbling outside. You - and the magpie - have reminded me that life is indeed of good value. Thank you. Let's both enjoy where we are right now.

  3. You have come a long way baby. I always admire those that have been tested and honed by fire and who come out like bright diamonds. I fixed my header by flattening all the layers and making it just an image! Why I did not do that in the beginning who knows!

  4. Good words. Hard won wisdom, I know, and a much appreciated reminder for this reader in the season when my expectations are likely to far outstrip my capabilities if I fail to follow your example.

    Thanks, Mage.

  5. This greeting is from MN/SD where it is currently -15 degrees. Space Needle Girl meets Laura Ingalls.

  6. This is wonderful, Mage. Now is a good place to be. I really wanted to see The Butler. Now I'll have to wait for the DVD. Sigh.

  7. Great Mage: you've got it sorted.


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