December 23, 2013

Party Doggerl

Long lines of food laid out on the sorting bench.

The swimming folks had a gathering
where the air was filled with food and laughing.

Only about half our volunteers came.

Then volunteers had parties mild,
discussions of the fifties and sixties wild
filled our memories and we smiled,

Such a marvelous purple lady.

We had so much in common, we discovered.
Laughing inside; I’m glad we recovered.

  • Himself:  Yesterday shopping and Discovery Shop party.  Working all day today.  Meeting tonight.  Half a day today and off Wednesday.
  • Herself:  Puttering: Bought munchies for here tomorrow night.  Turned a cushion that had a spot, got the magazines off the camel chest, tried to empty the kitchen counters.  That sort of thing.  Nesting.  It feels good.
  • Reading:  The Churchill/Roosevelt volume.  Did you know that Eleanor Roosevelt’s column, “My Day,” is now available online.
  • Balance:  Enjoying the small things in life.


    1. I love your photos and I love the poem. Wow! That looks like so much fun and the food looks fabulous!

    2. It was a good party with only a few drunks.

    3. Glad to know that "My Day" is available online. I have read a few, but I would enjoy more.

      I also would like to introduce some of this material to the young women of today.

    4. I trust you didn't have our 'medical emergency' which turned out well.

    5. I almost forgot.
      Loving wishes for a merry holiday
      and a healthy, happy 2014.

    6. We read a wonderful book about Eleanor...A world Made New... They had such high hopes after the war when she became the US rep to the UN. High hopes,,, have a great Christmas,, Dianne and David.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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