December 10, 2013


It’s cold and crisp outside.  The days are moving too fast also.  We are having a few friends over Christmas Eve…not like the old days when we would have thirty or more.  Then again, this living room seats six and the big house sat twenty on chairs around the edge of the room.  Six will do nicely.

For a non-Christian, I seem to have a few Christmas symbols around the house this year.  I added a small, Mexican, painted-tin-nativity-scene from I found at the store.  G kindly sprayed it with polyurethane so it wouldn’t rust.  I like it.  Then again, I like most folk arts.  Now it sits on the little shelf over the TV it’s hard edges softened by a little greenery.

Perhaps the room looks junky filled by the holiday stuff, but I prefer the term softened.  Maybe I'm softened.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:

  •>Himself:  Work is slowing down in this time before the holidays.
  • Herself:  I got my prescriptions renewed then priced stuff with the help of a regular pricer.  Got three giant boxes of books out of the way too.
  • Reading:  Nothings
  • Balance:  It getting my teeth cleaned a balance?


  1. It doesn't look junky. Now if you had let me get the animated reindeer, the inflatable Santa and lights that change color every few seconds, we might look junky.

  2. The most difficult art for me to appreciate….the Renaissance 'nativity scenes' in the Lourve…also, the 'Old Regime…i.e., Fragonard. I am too far left to appreciate excess and too right to appreciate decadence.

    I have to confess some art weighs me down, although some of it is beautiful.

    These days, I am being drawn more and more to modern art. Not all of it mind you…mostly the 1940s and 1950s stuff, i..e Piet Mondrian, etc.

    Although many would disagree, I still like the Pre-Raphaelites, followed by "some" impressionists, i.e, Turner, Constable and the English Impressionists. Many French impressionists are boring…..

    I like your art. Dianne

  3. I think what YOU like in your house is the perfect deco. You have a great eye, so i doubt very much that it is tacky.

  4. I decorate lightly at Christmas, just a real tree covered in baubles I've had for a lifetime. All you need is some loving friends, food and wine.

  5. I've noticed that lots of people in my blogging circle are not Christians. As Americans who were probably born into a Christian family, if for no reason other than presenting a facade, I often wonder when the transition to non-belief begins.

    Have fun decorating however you like and enjoy your friends!

  6. Thanks Mage, for your note on my post with a response to my thoughts and curiosity. I appreciate everyone's story.

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    Just kind
    Of thin king
    : )

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  9. I reread the comment I wrote yesterday, and decided I must be autistic….completely off on a tangent about art. I love your living room and am constantly amazed (and envious) that you can totally transform it and have it look so beautiful. I've been trying to set up my Santa collection on the hutch, and can't get them arranged in a way that pleases me. I need the artistic touch!! Dianne

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  11. It's fun acquiring new decorations to make your place more festive.

    In answer to your question (at my blog) about our proximity to a big city.. we're about 3+ hours from Toronto which is about as big as city gets in Canada. But we're also about 20+ minutes from a town with a hospital which was my criteria when looking for a place - that we be within a half hour of a place with a hospital. I'm good enough with that.

  12. I love crib scenes but I really must try to get a new stable.
    A cigar box isn't quite right although it is wooden.

  13. I bought some hand-painted tin wise men Christmas ornaments in Mexico in 1978 on travels when we had quit our jobs, packed up our five-year-old and vanned around the U.S. with brief jaunts into Canada and Mexico.

    The 5-year-old is now almost 42, if my math is right. He is holding up well. I didn't even know of the need for polyurethane on painted tin. So my wise men have not held up as well. They are dimmed a bit but they still go up on our tree every year. And Tabor is right.

  14. Well, we're non-Christian too and we have a ton of Christmas fun things all around the living room.


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