December 26, 2013

The most successful non-party ever!

Telling us all about it.

I’ve done this before.  Had parties, I mean.  This year, events conspired against me yet it all worked out beautifully. 

I sent out invites about a month early followed by a little word of mouth to most folks.  About a week before, the first regrets began arriving.  Family was visiting.  Oh, we understood.  They had to do family out of town.  I understood.  We ate dinner earlier in the week with another couple that couldn’t come, and we had a grand time.  More regrets came in.  I began feeling the fool.  I thought that no one would come, and we would be sitting here alone surrounded by food.  I bought food anyway….cheeses, chips, humus, and an olive or two.

Presents: Out of focus, and Right:  Margot getting the book of pictures of her dad.

But Margot came with Zoe.  Zoe had a beautiful new dress purchased by her friend Mary.  There was also a present under the tree just for her.  One for Margot too.

Regrets kept coming in, and I began understanding what was happening.  In the old days, few of our friends were married and 30 or so could come to dinner.  Now, years later, most everyone we know has plans with family or friends.  Or family arrives.  Yes’s turn to regrets.    

Zoe and a Leggo farm.

Neighbors came early, neighbors came later….one at a time or two at a time.  It was an absolutely perfect afternoon and evening.  We got a chance to talk to everyone one on one.  We got a chance to listen.  We had a great time.  It was a perfect gathering in our tiny front room.  Just perfect.

  • Himself:  Working today and tomorrow.  Learning about our heater that isn’t always blowing hot air.
  • Herself:  Such comfort at Margot’s new house.  G, Bobbie and I are hitting the mall after he get’s off work.  Yes, I said that. 
  • Reading:  ”T is for Trespass,” Sue Grafton.  Well written.
  • Balance:  Comfort in myself where ever I go.


    1. My planning came to nought, or is that naught? We stayed home, I cooked, kathy came by with presents for the dogs…they love their nanny.

      Mostly I read a dull book. Calls from my son and David's daughter who totaled her vehicle. My Kindle died. Good thing I have a backup. Have fun shopping. Dianne

    2. Glad you had a good one, Mage. I did, too. Aloha from Hawaii.

    3. Sounds absolutely lovely, Mage. I'm glad you enjoyed the day. Zoe is such a cutie.

    4. Awww... that's wonderful, Mage! We were going to have a totally quiet Christmas too. But then my brother and nephew said they could come over since my sister in law had to work. We had them take food home which my sister in law loved so all in all, it was truly a happy Christmas. It makes it extra special don't you think?


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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