December 16, 2013

The Times of Day

The sign on this cart so amused me that I had to shoot it.

0622:  Discover most of the pictures I took yesterday are out of focus.  Very discouraging.  The etching photo is out of focus.  I shake too much.  Got G’s phone put black to his flip phone, and discover not only is it outmoded but parts aren’t available.  Took a few pictures and they too are out of focus.

0650:  Off to the pool.  Getting dressed when I get up leaves me time to note things here.  OD still down….that was my first blog.  Finally figured out how to post to WordPress to get photos every time.

0840:  Home from the pool and yogurt time.  Whoops, only one yogurt left.  Note, eat, call Bobbie. go grocery shopping.  The house needs help too.  You know, I like these kinds of miscellaneous days.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  •>Himself: Got his phone switched over.  Window shopped and home to nap late.  He stayed home from meeting and bed early.
  • Herself:  Mall.  Saw a couple of coats I loved.  Forgetting more….today forgot to put my dinner in the oven.
  • Reading:  The Churchill and Roosevelt book.  Well written so far.  Today mailing off Laka’s present.
  • Balance:  Getting a few shots in focus.


  1. I know it might seem unkind to laugh, but I cannot tell a lie most of the time. I laughed at your post today. Just weird, so many things are out of focus. If I was there and laughed, I bet you would laugh too. What else can we do. I'm in Washington where we have many things to laugh at.

    Feeling much better. Took your advice and easy does it at the pool. At the pool, I ticked off some retired General's wife (He used to be a high-ranking mucky-t-muck at the White House and she wears his rank…you know the type? I laugh at all of them now. I don't have to take it anymore!!


    Would love to see the Mural.

  2. Those out of focus days are the plague, especially the brain foggy ones. Keep moving.

  3. Why can't we put a child in the bag? It's big enough!

  4. I am truly discouraged with OD now and may end up on Prosebox under the same name. Sorry I haven't been by in a while; I spent some time this morning reading your posts. As always, I love your beautifully composed photos.

  5. So frustrating, isn't it, when bits of life are out of focus, both physically and mentally. But that sign on the trolley is sharp and clear; thank you for the smile.

  6. Today did some more Christmas shopping and then could not find my car for about 10 minutes. I hate looking stupid since I knew just about where I had parked it...trouble is I went one and two aisles over in the wrong direction! Thankful for sunny weather.

  7. I think that lower basket it the perfect place for unruly youngens.

  8. Don't feel bad about the photos, Mage. Everything was out of focus for me too, today. And I didn't even snap any images. ;)


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