January 16, 2014

A Pretty Good Thing

Desert heading into Vernal, 2007.

The sun bakes us.  High hot winds blow in from the desert.  No snowpack in the Sierra’s and no rain to break the cycle.  Water rationing is next.  Australia has it worse right now, and I feel for them.  Climate change is affecting us all.

There were enough books to fill the shelves yesterday.  I’d been worrying as book donations were low.  Joan priced, I shelved, and we were so efficient that I came home early to post pictures to Facebook for the shop.  I like doing that.

I head to a doctor’s appointment this morning that no one has explained.  Something needed by your insurance, they tell me.  So I will take my cracked, dry skin in and get chewed out for not using lotions, yet again.  I shouldn’t ever complain.  I have insurance, Weight Watchers is working, and there’s a George in my life. 

My hot, dry life is a pretty good thing right now.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  Found some real savings yesterday.  Made employee of the month.  Did WW meeting and dinner out.
  • Herself:  Had a really good day yesterday.
  • Reading:  Franklin and Winston is getting meatier as the history moves further into the war.
  • Balance:  Losing weight despite myself.


    1. I'm so glad you are making WW work for you.
      Yes, life can be good, even when hot and dry - though I think there is a limit to how much hot and dry I can cope with. As we move into our fourth consecutive day of 107 F+ and my garden, in spite of watering, is shriveling, as is my energy, my patience is shriveling too. This run of heat is a once-in-a-century thing, we are told - but we had an identical once-in-a-century heatwave five years ago. Our centuries are becoming far too short!
      I don't like climate change.

    2. I'm trying to decide what to read next. F&W looks interesting, and I have it on my iPad. Re towels, me too. Re climate change. Always had it. always will.

    3. Glad you are having better days. It sounds like you are content right now. Yay for you!

    4. Those high temps in Australia make me wonder what our summer in the San Joaquin Valley will be like. We saw 113 last summer. 120 may be in view this year. We've had less than an inch of rain which means there will be no water to put out fires.

    5. Good job savoring the positives.

    6. Wish I could send you some of our endless rain.


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