January 4, 2014

A Yin and Yang Sort of Day


I’ve done the shirts and shoes now.  Next the jewelry box, and of course the dishes have to be sorted.

We came home last night from the meeting to find our garage door dented and unable to fully open or close.  There really isn’t anything one can do about a disaster when it’s late at night.  Thinking the girl next door backed into the door again, we went to bed depressed.

This morning we grew angry.  No one was at their home to complain to.  Eventually, after playing investigator, G found the name of the company that installed the door for us.  He called them, he got security to give us passes so our vehicles could sit out in the complex, and he got the door up and the vehicles out.  Got angry at the neighbor too.

The repairman told us that the big spring at the top of the door broke.  We will soon have a big bill and a door that works.  I still think she backed into it, but G apologized for blaming the girl for denting out door.  Nicely.  I hid upstairs and put the Christmas stuff away in its boxes.  We watched a little of the Olympic Trials on NBSsports….or what ever they call themselves, then it  was upstairs to clean out my closet.  19 shirts to either eldest daughter or the discovery shop.

No discarding pants or purses.  I did shoes late last week.  Shirts are enough heroics for me for one day.


  1. Sorry to hear about this expense after the expenses of the holidays. Are their any witnesses? since there does not seem to be a security camera. I hate when people make mistakes and do not live up to them! I must remember to post about an incident my daughter had on her wedding day rehearsal that reminds me of this.

  2. What is the matter with some people? Your neighbor seems very suspicious.

    Connie is home from the hospital. he had a rough time. Things were more complicated than she first thought (my post today for details).

    Sticking to my plans for the New Year. gym, WW, etc. Dianne

  3. How awful. I would have gotten angry, too.

  4. Sorry about your garage door. Someone knows what happened hope they own up soon. Leaves you wondering about your neighbors sadly.

  5. I'm glad the door is fixed but that sure is aggravating. It's awful not knowing for sure who did it but having those strong suspicions. One year the neighbor's son dented our car with a golf ball but at least he fessed up to it.... crying.


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