January 23, 2014

About Blogging and other online things.

Gloria at the 2010 Festival Of Sail.

I’m fascinated by the process of blogging.  This morning, Kay of Musings left us a wonderful post about how she blogs and what tools she uses.  Of course, I like to know her process because her blogs are always interesting.  I’m also really interested in the tools she uses.  For me, often blogging is like sailing a ship.  Handling all those lines at once is always fraught with danger.

I must confess, I’m slow.  I do my own coding, and I have never figured out any of the tricks that make blogging easier.  My long time blog on Open Diary struggles just to stay going much less have features like “schedule.”  What features it does have, I mastered early.  Plain white background is me.  A picture on the front cover, and a picture a day….simplicity.  With Blogger, I have a banner photograph…today high surf at the pier.  I can do these things easily now.  I haven’t figured out how to get “reply” working on my notes, but someone knows what button to push and will tell me.  Soon I will have learned how to schedule too.

Facebook….I use it for the shop.  When it’s my turn to post pictures about George or I, most of the time I feel blank mindedness.  No Twitter.  At first I felt obliged to do it as that’s where the grandkids are.  I have a lot of grandkids.  Frankly, my dear, I just don’t have the time.  If they want me, I blog and I have a Facebook account.

Speaking of Facebook.  Some say it will fail this year.  Then there is “Failure.”  Did you all read the article about the end of some major brands yesterday on the Huffington post site via 7/24 Wall ST.>the end of some major brands yesterday on the Huffington Post site via 7/24 Wall St.
  Falling behind:  Suzuki and Mitsubishi, Martha Stewart Living, and Volvo is fading away, JC Penney’s is still struggling, and Facebook has lost itself.  WMBA finds its support retiring.  Nook is third place.  Olympus cameras don’t want to be in the digital market any more.  Leap Wireless.  Poof.  Road and Track Magazine ad pages are down and probably out.

In all actuality, I think it amazing that I can write a blog when I often can’t remember my own name,


  1. Wordpress.com is pretty simple to use. I like it.

  2. You are wonderful and a day without ou is a rainy day. Dianne

  3. I've written a post that is scheduled to go up next Wednesday, February 5th about the Threaded Comments just for you. I explained how to do it with a diagram. Thank you so much for your kind words, Mage! You've made my evening. I've been having a hard time keeping up with my visiting lately because of a lot of this and that. Art is going in for an angiogram and it's worrisome. Sigh...


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