January 18, 2014


Dry land right down to the ocean front.  Cliffs above San Francisco with WWII seacoast fortifications.

I’m not fortified at all today.  I can’t find the flat plastic bin where my evening bags were kept packed away.  Yes, the bin was one of those slide under the bed things and vanished in the confusion of the window additions.  The only place we haven’t looked is up with the Christmas stuff.  Something will turn up if we don’t find a purse.  I do have a little tiny, purple bag that will match mother’s amethysts.

First showers then haircuts.  We be styling here….fortified.  G wants to go to an estate sale or two probably just for a little shopping fix.  We are doing well. 

Daughter Margot called the doctor about her flu at last and is doing slightly better.  She’s going to be sleeping through two weeks not one.  Bobbie isn’t doing well as she hates traveling alone.  She’s missing Michael at times like these, but she is resolutely heading to New York to meet with museum directors.  This is her dream come true even if she hates traveling to meet them.  We each are getting fortified in our own ways.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  Led last nights meeting with a topic of resentments.  Today: Haircut, shopping, out to dinner.  He can do this.
  • Herself:  Discussed my forgetting with the doc.  Tonight I’m wearing diamonds and amethysts on hands I’d like to hide.  My cousin’s Bride came through a double mastectomy very well.
  • Reading:  F&W.  Actually, never read a word yesterday.  I napped and talked with Bobbie.
  • Balance:  Not worrying about an evening bag.


    1. Isn't it frustrating when something just disappears, like that plastic bin. I blame gremlins.
      Those creative hands of yours have achieved so much; they are hands that can wear those diamonds and amethysts with pride.
      Enjoy your night out.

    2. I usually can remember where something was in my big house but can't remember where it is in this tiny house....Arrgh!

    3. You are too funny. I don'y own one evening bag any more, let alone a box I could misplace. I gave them up ages ago.

      Reading? Nothing here today, meeting myself coming and going, tomorrow too. Don't know if I can take much ore of this out and about stuff. Dianne

    4. I donated a drawer full of evening bags to Goodwill. Don't use them anymore.

    5. I sure hope you find it, Mage. I know how aggravating it is when we know something should be somewhere, but it isn't. I hope everybody recuperates quickly. I hear the flu is really going around these days.

    6. Isn't it a bore - mislaying things. I actually lost a cup of tea the other day. By the time I found it - under my nose - it was undrinkable and my comment unprintable:)

    7. I have aplastic box with evening bags in them, some are mine, some were my Mom's. I'd hate to misplace them. The Mom ones I am also saving for the granddaughters when they get old enough. Hope yours turn up soon.


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