January 21, 2014

Gone Sanity

The Christmas Cat:  Red and green plaid, red rope, and determined eyes.

Blogging in bed.  It doesn’t quite work….almost but not quite.  Even if I enlarge the type, even if I can access everything I want, I’m spoiled by the lightening quick speed of my desktop.  So I’ve taken to reading your blogs in bed warm underneath my Chinese quilt.  I write here at the desk.  Today with a brand new doodle to share.

We have living room cats.  Not live ones, darn it.  I’m afraid I’ve been a bit obsessive with my collection of stuffed, metal, ceramic, and crossstitch cats begun after we let Sterling go.  The living room alone has nine.  One managed to migrate up to the bedroom.  I ask myself where did my sanity go?  What am I doing with all these cats?

I’ve taken to doodling them.

Perhaps I should doodle me too.  The scale at the gym says I gained ten pounds in a day.  G tells me I should stop making myself crazy in the head and weigh here.  I ask myself what’s wrong with losing my sanity and diving deep into gloom and depression over this unexpected massive weight gain.  Then again, I could just weigh here. 

Did I say that?

  • Himself:  Still having fun at work.  Had a really cold meeting outdoors last night as the Rec Center was closed for the holiday.
  • Herself:  Laughing at myself.
  • Reading:  Finished F&W.  Dry at the start but get’s richer as the book goes by.  I was left wondering why Winston didn’t go to Franklin’s funeral with the plane waiting on the runway.  Very interesting historically.
  • Balance:  Starting a new book.  Biography of QE2.


    1. Today is start a new book day. I finished 'White Nights,' and plan to go back to the history books for a while.
      Cats I love them. Love your cats. Check out the cat in my post today, not mine but I wish he was.. Dianne

    2. PS You should only weigh once a week. On the same scale. D~

    3. Ditto, weigh in once a week. Except for Dr. visits I only weigh on my scale at home. It may not be exact but it is consistent. Visting other scales maketh me nuts.

      I just finished Franklin and Winston too. I wondered if Churchhill had a delayed reaction to Roosevelt's treatment of him and so skipped the funeral, not. I ended up not liking Roosevelt in some respects. Plus he was getting older too and I think the traveling and war was wearing him down. Just my thoughts.

    4. Oops, edit out the "not" after funeral, some brain blip typed that in.

    5. I only weigh at home as well, and I adjust my scale after I get weighed at the doctor. I love the doodle of the cat. Since you described it as having plaid colors, are you going to fill that in?

    6. A delightful introduction to the Christmas cat.

    7. I love your doodles, Mage.

      I find that it's just so much faster using my desktop too and I really prefer a larger monitor as well. HOWEVER, I do like sitting back on the recliner with the iPad too when I'm feeling lazy.

      I haven't stepped on the scale recently. The holidays really did a number on me.

    8. There's a lot of life in your cat. I love it!


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