January 6, 2014

Hocked Dreams

Mission Bay on a chilly winter noon.

Madison WI is ten below.  Here it’s only 47 degrees.  We shouldn’t complain, but the brand new heater that’s spoiled us so wonderfully since it’s installation is blowing cold, air-conditioned, air out into the rooms for the second time.  We are not impressed.  Spoiled, that’s us.

After a weekend of cleaning up after the holiday, the neighbor girl, and running errands, George grew cranky and I grew stubborn.  Like two children, we were. 

Mid-morning on Sunday we received a text telling us to come get the meeting BBQ.  Our Friday night meeting has one BBQ a month after the meeting during the summer.  This was an errand we were both grateful to run.  Each AA meeting is run by volunteers in the various positions such as secretary, or treasurer.  George has been a treasurer for the last two years.  He moved into the job of BBQ Master.  But we couldn’t get the BBQ.  The guy in charge had gone out first on drugs then on alcohol.  He didn’t return G’s calls.

"Pick it up at my Ex-girlfriends house at noon," the message told us a week after we began the search.  We were a little early, but we found it safe and sound in her back yard under a blue tarp.  He could have sold it.  He could have hocked it.  We were very grateful he didn’t. 


The garage door will be apallingly expensive....a second time.  I've suggested that we install a security camera.


The repairman came and fixed the heater a third time.  The time delay switch on the external condenser had been miss-set.  At least this one is under warranty.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  Work.
  • Herself:  Two fillings.
  • Reading:  Mysteries.
  • Balance:  The Chargers won and are still in the playoffs.


    1. Hopefully the guy will get back on the wagon soon.

      Wistful about your 47°. It will be 3° by this evening. Arctic by our standards.

      Love your header and that spot of beach!!! Recognized it right away.

    2. He could have traded it for drugs but then tweekers wouldn't have a use for a bbq because they don't eat.

    3. Glad you got the BBQ. Little colder than usual here in WA too, getting used to wearing my long johns most of the time. Grateful I don't live back east.

    4. I shouldn't laugh, but this sounds so familiar. Good to know we can share. Dianne

    5. I think it bodes very well that you recognize your weaknesses and bad traits. We all slide back, but knowing that we do is the clue. Hoping you both will be in better moods...maybe I should send you a photo of our rain/sleet/snow/sleet/rain day today.

    6. Any coverage under your homeowner's ins. for damage by unknown vehicle? Check to see because the ded. would probably be much less than the total cost to you.

    7. Terri,....the problem is that this is Southern California. If we use the homeowners insurance, they will raise the costs. Fer sure...as G says.

    8. David has been watching NFL football non-stop, it seems. I have learned to enjoy sports via osmosis. Lol.

    9. I'm really liking the idea of that security camera!

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    11. Oh dear! I do hope that your heater doesn't act up again. It's good that it's finally under warranty. At least if it starts to act up once more, the repair would be fully covered. You must've been quite annoyed if it's been happening for three times now. If it happens a fourth time, hopefully, they'll decide to change the unit.

      Dennis Cannon @ Laird & Son


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