January 3, 2014


Comics and books all counted one by one.

Taking inventory is a ruthless thing.  One counts the thousands of books but estimates the number of greeting cards…after discarding most of them.  Every item of clothing, every dish, and every item for sale needs to be inventoried.

I feel a need to do an inventory of my own sometime soon.  Perhaps look at my own dust, move my foibles around so I can inventory what’s under them, and discover areas of positive things I can build on.  Many folks with chronic diseases take a moment in the new year to do this.  It's a good idea.  Clears the air.

It’s been a year of change for me, and not all of it good.  My behaviors aren't always the best, and I can see the genetic patterns of my mother in my own actions.  

There’s numerous ways to do an inventory…alone or with a friend.  Yesterday my friend Bill and I tackled the mess in the back room.  Looking at yourself when you are alone can be a sad thing.  It’s always better to have someone with you whether the subject is books or behaviors.  A friend can turn a sad mess to laughter.  Laughter always helps.
Half the store bookshelves. Father Joe's got all the yellow stickered books, then I filled all the shelves up again.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  Worked doing the Audit Queue yesterday while his own work piled up.  Took me out to a salad dinner this first day on WW.  Taking down the outside lights this weekend, and starting to take down the tree.
  • Herself:  Felt really well about my food intake yesterday.  Dinner was a spinach salad that didn’t sit at all well.  The tree can begin to come down.  The boss allowed me to buy a lovely new warm turtleneck sweater….mine wore totally out.  Bought a new gaudy ring too.
  • Reading:  Nothing tho one of the perks of my job is that I can bring books home to read.  I brought four today.  The boss will be talking to her oncologist this morning.
  • Balance:  Adding more exercise.  Did I say anything about how boring exercise it?  LOL


    1. Mage, I can relate to the slower thought processes. The thing about being matched up with a good guy is he is always trying to make things easier for his mate. Easier and faster is not always the path to improvement, though.

      And even though therapists and docs label me okay in the cognitive department since my stroke, like you, I can't process fast enough to alert Hubby when it is my preference or need to go the harder route.

      Inventory is good. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts.

    2. I love your writing, and your comment about moving your foibles around, reminded me I need to take my own inventory, and rearrange my mental furniture.

    3. Exercise is so absolute boring...that is why I watch TV when I do it. I cannot make it through unless I am watching a re-run of Law and Order or some simple minded Hallmark movie. Then I have made it through an hour in no time.

    4. Speaking of foibles I just finished up a bag of Chex mix that's not good for me. I need to inventory all the junk food we now have in the house and get rid of some. I have no willpower.

    5. Clearin, cleaning…we've been at it too. David hauled 100s of DVDs to the library yesterday. Now what do I do with those risqué French films I bought in the 1980s? Dianne

    6. I am taking control of my house this month too. I have plenty of boxes to go through, discard or donate is the key. Enjoyed your photos which are always so beautiful.


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