January 27, 2014

Making a List

Mingei Museum, Twig Chair 20th Century.  Our neighbors used to have willow chairs out in their yards.  Every year, a man with a truck full of willow would come by to renew or make new chairs for this family.  I always thought we were missing something by using our old wooden Adirondack chairs instead of the willow.

Today there’s a passel of things to be done.  It’s time for a Monday Bobbie call.  Grumpy is already off to our Mechanic Les to get his clutch fluid changed and his rear break cylinders checked out.  While I am sitting here, I need to post to the Discovery shop Facebook page, shortly I need to call the doc about two prescriptions, and I need to get myself up to the bank for a new Debit Card.  Why?  I discovered a debit slip from target lost deep within my wallet.  Haven’t found the keys either.

Calling the dentist to arrange for a new crown is next.  G says we can afford it and why take a chance on food getting in under the break while we are traveling.  Good point.  I need to rinse my tooth brushes, need to clean out the napkin drawer too.  It doesn’t sound important, but I am tired of eating off old and stained fabric napkins.

G’s birthday went very well.  His new video card lets him do lots of stuff and see games he couldn’t do anything with before.  I put up a photo album of George Pictures.  You can find it on my Facebook page or see if the link at the bottom works.  We had a great dinner with the Jim’s.  I ate salad and a piece of Garlic bread.  Lots of salad, but there’s enough left for dinner tonight.

  • Himself:  Saw “Saving Mr. Banks” on Saturday.  It really deeply moved and horrified both of us with its focus on hanging on to our alcoholic fathers.  Dr. Jim says we shouldn’t have been horrified, but we were.  Really pleased about the new card.  Played a lot of games yesterday.
  • Herself:  We both skipped the gym to get Grumpy into the shop at dawn.  Losing weight and gaining thousands of wrinkles everywhere.  Stayed up till ten or so with the grammy’s.  Loved seeing the Outlaws.  They got my toes tapping and kept my soul happy.
  • Reading:  Still the QEII.
  • Balance:  Spending the day with G.


    1. Sounds like a busy Monday for you both. Hope it all goes well.

    2. Back in the saddle here. Sorry I missed G's birthday! Mr. Banks was amazing. I cried. For everyone.

    3. Belated happy birthday to G.

    4. Belated Happy Birthday to your G. Your photo collection was a wonderful gift to G and your readers.

    5. I'm glad G had a good birthday. That photo collection sounds terrific! (I can't visit it; I'm not on Facebook.) I'm yet again considering joining Facebook, as a way of keeping in touch with ex-ODers after OD closes - but at present I don't think I will. I'm also considering whether I want to continue writing, anywhere. I do have a site at Prosebox (Arbi) and I've written a few entries there, but am not sure I want to continue. Maybe I'll just finally get the weeds out of my garden instead?

    6. I hate those Adirondack chairs...no back support. The willow chair looks comfy.

      Put F& W down..to journalistic for me. Began Beschloss book on R and Truman. I think in the long run, historians will find much to praise about Truman.

      Pool a disaster today. Will try again tomorrow. how about those wrinkles..I got them under my eyes!!

      Tramped all over the mall today, and paid for new glasses $900 for regular and sunshades. Retrieve them next week. hadn't bought them in years and was shocked by prices, and that's with the 30% discount!! Next week the oral surgeon, then root canal and two new crowns. Told my kids I am spending their inheritance.

    7. A late happy birthday to
      G. Checked out your great Facebook album, what a super G-gift.

    8. I agree about the crown. You should absolutely take care of it before it causes you problems down the line. Happy Birthday to G!

    9. Thank you for your note. I'm answering it here because I don't trust OD to be reliably accessible, nor do I know when the "within two weeks" cutoff will occur.
      I clicked on the link to your photos and read "The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page." I suspect it's the last, as I'm not on Facebook, but I'll try again tomorrow just in case I'm wrong.
      Prosebook: I'm Arbi and my address (I think) is https://www.prosebox.net/box/864/
      I've found you there and bookmarked you. Are you planning to write any entries? Maybe one, to receive notes? *Hint*

    10. I am waving too, to you! I will be on prosebox I think though I may try here. Can't figure out how to post photos to prosebox...

      Thought I wanted to go to OD and use recommended way to transfer? download? whatever my diary. Can't get there. Spirit says 'let it go, it served its purpose: To allow you to resolve issues big and small through journaling AND make wonderful friends who cared enough to nurture you".

      Tis true, sending love to you & G


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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