January 24, 2014

Making Sense

Blue quilt Top.

Yesterday’s entry didn’t make a lot of sense.  The words rambled aimlessly, but the picture was good.  Mea Culpa.  My mind is the perfect example of post stroke confusion.  “I said that?”  I asked this morning looking at the entry. 

Like the Blue Quilt top, that post was filled with lots of interesting tid-bits none of which linked to the next tid or bit.  Still, I’d rather be Miss Confusion than bland like the back of the quilt.


I swam yesterday like a good me then stretched it all out in the hot tub.  Then much of the morning, I hung out waiting for the dentist to return my call.  My good intentions were to walk by the beach or bay…I really need to walk more.  Instead, I finally got an appointment at the dentist’s, and got there early to read People Magazine.  Twice a year I catch up on the fashion and movie news.  Nope, darn it, they could see me right away.  I left with the news that food is getting trapped under a broken crown.  I need a new crown.  Frankly, I’d rather know what the stars were wearing at the SAG awards.


Today is an exciting day.  The new garage door will be installed, probably while I am at work, and the vehicles can be inside once again.  Once the door is in, The Great Geezer will install the video camera.  He’s tested it out and says it works perfectly.  I want it set on the longest setting.  Why?  Because I want to see if whoever bashes the door in gets out of their vehicle and walks back to see the damage.  That makes sense to me.

Blue Quilt back:  I don’t want an organized but bland life.

  • Us:  Saturday morning, we will wash, wax, and garage the vehicles at last.  Saturday afternoon while G works, I will go to see the new show at the Mingei Museum on the new Balboa Park trolley.  Sunday he has an estate sale he wants to go to, he will put the camera in, there’s the tax pile, and we will have dinner with the Jims, Duck’s old friends.
  • Himself:  He’s been finding lots of money to save at work.  It’s just the sort of stuff he loves to do.  Last night to Costco where he bought wife and smallest G-daughter bathing suits, he also bought bread, hamburger patties, two videos: “RIPD” and “Captain Phillips” – which I missed in the theaters ‘cause of the hip, and most importantly the book on the Monument Men.  RIPD was cute.
  • Herself:  Still enjoying “Elizabeth the Queen: Life of a modern Monarch,” Smith, and picked up “The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves, and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History,” by Edsel at Costco yesterday. 
  • Reading:  Yesterday I also read some true gar-bage about 20th century mysteries.  I can’t remember the title of the book, and the book is downstairs.
  • Balance:  Changing some things I eat.  Still using too many points.  Ying and Yang.

    1. Ha Ha. Great minds.... I am reading both Edsel books, Saving Italy and Monuments Men. Both are grand.

      Also I understood what you wrote yesterday, so what does that say about me.

      As for organized. yes I am, I have to be me, hopefully not to bland. Dianne

    2. Both sides of that quilt are lovely. I never thought of buying a swim suit from Costco. Who knew! Lol.

    3. Wish i could attribute my lapses into incoherence and forgetfulness to post-stroke confusion. But it is only a little more pronounced post-stroke than it has been my entire life.

      And I have to confess I am probabl in the bland but happy category. Yes the quilt top is a LOT more appealing that the other side.

    4. Good grief! That's front and back of the same quilt? What a surprise! I've never seen that in a quilt before. It's absolutely fabulous! Lucky you. I have People magazine too because of those Redeem Your Miles thing. Sadly, I don't know half the people in the magazine.


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