January 30, 2014

More Bits!

Does anyone know anything about this chair.  Mingei Museum, mystery chair: 1970-1990.  They are asking for information.

Life seems to be all Bits right now.  The sky is grey but no rain here.  I swim and stretch then come home to be distracted.  Frankly, I seem to be easily distracted these days.  When I lost my keys, I seemed to lose a bit of  me too.  I seem to be always looking over my shoulder for them.  Always.


Margot and a friend are driving north today to finish registering for her next three classes in San Bernardino.  She’s been sick with the flu it seems forever, and she’s slow to get going.  I’m so glad she has someone with her on that long trip north.


Store stuff:  Big weekend sale during the Super Bowl this week.  Lots of mediocre furniture coming in with a soupcon of good stuff.  The good stuff is gone at light speed.  I found a pair of sandals that fit and put them out in the store front in an obscure spot.  We cannot buy out of the back room.  The spot I hid them wasn’t hidden well enough.  G and I rushed back after he got off work to find another volunteer had big feet and good eyes too.  Made us all laugh.


Weight:  Up and down, and up and down.  I lost 15 pounds at the nursing home.  The minute I got to my own kitchen, I gained it right back plus some.  Once again, I am now down 12.6 pounds despite dinner out innumerable times.  Last night the new “Fig Tree” and a great beet salad.  The meatballs didn’t make it, but the duck did for G.  Last weekend we ate at the Little Italy “Felipe’s.”  G ate pizza, and I ate half a salad.  Earlier this week, we got a discount coupon for a G birthday dinner at the “Brigantine.”  Now that place has good bar food.  Tonight we are off to the “Chart House” where he get’s a free roast beef dinner. 

I’m getting better and better at eating less at these affairs.  Yes, you bet I'm proud of myself.

  • Himself:  Gym.  Work.  Fixated on the upcoming roast beef dinner.
  • Herself:  Pool.  Home to do more blog stuff, Margot stuff, lunch stuff.  Maybe I should call this a “stuff day.
  • Reading:  QEII
  • Balance:  Is in changing myself today.


    1. Looks like the old "birthing chair" although I am probably wrong. Tried the Shaker site? They made all kinds of 'different' furniture. Going to Longwood next weekend. Museum there has many old pieces of furniture? Will keep an eye out.

    2. Came back after looking at chairs. The mystery chair remains a mystery.

    3. Stairs ok but tiring. At the end of day it takes both hands on rails to pull me up the stairs.

    4. What an odd looking chair, and rather unique. Do you mean that the store will actually be open during the Super Bowl???

    5. I have been less active on this vacay...but trying to eat less as well. I will see when I get home.

    6. I gained six pounds over the holidays and it's darn hard to get them off again. I'm still working at it. We'll get there.

      The Mingei chair is quite unusual. I read up a little on it. Apparently it's got a Japanese root, I think.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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