January 20, 2014

Out of Focus

Left:  Poolie’s friend Anneke visiting from Amsterdam with Poolie to the right.  Right:  G and I.

We prepared for Captain Poolie’s Gala with a head of helmet hair on my part and a new suit with boutonniere on G’s part.  Anneke, here for two weeks from Amsterdam, wore cut velvet, and Poolie glittered in lame.  We were surrounded by glittering ladies and penguin suit men all of which I photographed with G’s old work camera.  Our whole evening is recorded out of focus. 

Sunday, while the rest of the US watched football, G and I took both vehicles to Goodyear Tire for oil change, tire rotation, and a grease job.  At over a hundred thousand miles, the Toyota came out without a problem.  At around eighty thousand miles, Grumpy had a cracked serpentine belt, leaking rear brake cylinder’s, and 4% water in the trannie fluid.  Nope, G is not a happy camper as that was supposed to have been checked out and replaced last time it was at the dealers.

Did I say that I don’t like mechanics and service writers who treat Grumpy like an old truck?

I’d seen some charming silver green, luncheon sized plates by Russel Wright come in to the store on Friday.  I’d told the pricer what they were, but it apprears I was ignored.  The set of six was marked at six bucks, and with the half off Sunday Special, we got the whole bunch for three dollars instead of fifteen a plate.  Just what we need, more plates.  We bought them anyway.

Our day was filled with more errands and odds and ends.  I came home to detox with Franklin and Winston while the Great G replaced the belt on Grumpy.  Poor Grumpy is even more out of focus than we are.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.

  • Himself:  Typical Monday: Gym, work, and meeting.

  • Herself:  Pool and house puttering.

  • Reading:  F&W.

  • Balance:  Reading….making the time to read.


    1. Hot stuff!! You guys look stunning! I am glad that I do not work in your store and that I do not really know the good stuff from the not so good or I would have shelves full of things I did not use...which I guess I do already.

    2. You two look so dashing!!!

      And you can NEVER have too many plates and serving pieces. I confess that I have a 'thing' for plates, too!

    3. You both look dashing on my iPad. I can't see the photos too clearly. Will have yo enlarge later. I assume these pics are not out of focus?

    4. I think you look very nice. What a party that must have been.

    5. You two look elegant and love the smiles.

    6. Loved the photos and how lucky you were on the plates. You tried to tell them the plates were special and so....glad YOU got them.

    7. We even look good out of focus.

    8. Oh my, you both look wonderful - so fancy and sophisticated. I spent the day in my Seahawks sweatshirt first anticipating, then watching, and then remembering and celebrating the game. My husband (rip) would have loved every minute of this particular Seattle Sunday...and was,no doubt, scratching his head in heaven wondering who I had become...and why I could never bring myself to enjoy anything about football except halftime and snacks when he was alive. No regrets really, but looking back, I think perhaps it could have been sweeter if I had tried to love the Philadelphia Eagles as much as I said I loved him.

    9. Ouch! Poor Gumpy!

      You and G look so very spiffy! And happy. I hope you had a fabulous evening.


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