February 25, 2014

A Foggy Morning

Coming into Ketchikan, Alaska.

The morning fogs seemed gentle today.  I jackhammered myself up and off to the pool after losing my morning game of solitaire.  By the time I reached pool on its rise above the sea, the world was a warmer place. 

I just gave up on being so careful with my diet today.  I ate my yogurt, ate a half sandwich for lunch, and ate glazed nuts mid-afternoon.  Wantonly throwing my hands up in the air, I just abandoned myself to life and felt remarkably better all around.  Of course I might lapse back into misery at any time, but this moment is a happy one. 

I chatted with Bobbie this morning.  Yesterday she was pulling her hair out.  She’s feeling weighted down with mother stuff, with Mikey stuff.  They did die within two weeks of each other compounding her life with anger and resentments.  Slowly things get taken care of….too slowly for her.  I’m an ear….maybe three or four down, but still an ear. 

An old friend wrote on Don’s obit yesterday, and I dreamed about it all night long.  She talked about how wonderful Don was when his friend Gene, her husband, died.  What could I say, I wondered.  Eventually during my morning pool time, it struck me that I could post a link to that Don Photo album on facebook.  And so I did making myself feel better in balance.


  1. True friendship lasts forever. Beautiful photo.

  2. I love your tender heart so much, Mage!

  3. It a great gift that you're there to listen.

  4. it has been said that misery is refundable.

  5. Snowing here, Mage, but I'm hell bound and determined to meet a friend for a skinny, decaf latte in about an hour.

    Ketchikan is beautiful.

    Don't know what I did to earned my digestive system disdain, but I did it and soooo tired of trying to figure it out.

  6. Sometimes it's good to let go!, As for my iPad. No way will I give it up. Wearing sun screen and it helps!

  7. Tough time for you now. I am sorry.

  8. The pictures are wonderful. So many memories. You too were a comfort to me during that time. Did I ever thank you properly? I think not so I do it now. Thank you.

  9. You're a wonderful friend, Mage. I remember Ketchikan quite well. Your photo is beautiful and sure brings back memories.


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