February 8, 2014

An Unexciting Day

Delightful and entertaining paste.

It was the yearly jewelry event at the store.  I got to work almost 45 minutes early to photograph the fun stuff, and a line was forming outside when I got there.  I found the Laurel Birch earrings I liked just before another lady came to get them.  I don’t feel quite right about getting them.  I left a sick George home at work on his computer, and after a very busy day of sorting found him heading for a nap when I got back home.  From the busy store to the quiet house was a blessing today. 

A little while I researched cookbooks, but settled in to read til dinner. 


  1. I'll take the purple ring. Hope George feels better soon. Colds are a misery. Dianne

  2. The two rings on the bottom row on the right are the only ones that appeal to me. I tend to favor an art deco style in costume jewelry and wish I lived closer to an antique store.

  3. Fun stuff, enjoy your earrings. I used to collect pins, still have them but have quit buying.

  4. Glad you got the earrings you wanted.

  5. Looking at that jewellery reminds me of my grandmother's jewellery box. My mother allowed us to sort through it when we were sick (or bored). It was in my possession for a number of years after my mother passed away and now, I've passed it along to my nieces. I hope Georges in on the mend.

  6. I love to look at jewelry of all kinds. Can't afford to buy them, but it's fun to look.

  7. I enjoyed the photos. I have never worn much jewelry except my wedding and engagement rings and earrings. Learned early I was prone to getting necklaces snagged on things, broken and lost.

    After stroke had to have rings cut off. Now it is just earrings.

    Glad you had a quiet respite after the busy time at the store.

  8. Those are really fun vintage jewelry. Enjoy your earrings! What fun!


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