February 9, 2014


Middle California back country.

Dear George was a little better, but our DSL line was down, intermittent, and down again.  This morning, it couldn’t decide what it was, and G was really too sick to care.  He really needs to care as he works from home on the computer.  Then again, Bobbie suggested that he call the doc.  Two colds like this…back to back, are a sign something’s wrong.  Only after Michael had three colds in a row did he go to the doctor and get a chest x-ray.  I’m sure G doesn’t have lung cancer, but something is wrong somewhere.

Sunshine yesterday.  There were beautiful blue skies to tempt us outdoors, and we did dash out for a brief hour.  Naps, dozing, Olympics, and dozing kept us busy all the rest of the day.  We touched elbows often rather than holding hands.

  • Himself:  Got another controller for his new game and it works at last.  He’s calling on the DSL.
  • Herself:  Sad for G, but angry about the DSL.  Creating new pictures to show here.
  • Reading:  ”The Blair House”….lots of Blair house info online.  Fascinating.
  • Balance:  Feeling good today.


    1. Feel better, George! Get those lungs checked out -- could be pneumonia...

    2. Keeping George. and you, in thoughts and prayers.

    3. Hope you have a doctor check you out soon. Sounds like you both could use a some relief. Happy napping.

    4. Sending best thoughts for George your way. Keep us posted, please.

    5. Hope G is better soon. We can't take chances with our health. Dianne

    6. While we do not want to go to the doctor at our age, we must. Glad you are there to push him.

    7. I will call and make an appointment

    8. I'm glad George did start to feel better. It's always good to go to the doctor and check everything out though.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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