February 24, 2014

Keeping Me Humble

Star quilt.

I expanded my horizons last night.  Friday I attended a meeting and survived an hour on a hard metal chair.  Since getting my new hip, I’d been missing my Sunday night meeting.  If I could sit on a hard chair, perhaps I could survive over an hour on a semi padded chair. 

“They won’t remember me,” I told G as we headed out into the dark.

“I’ve been telling you, they ask about you every week,” he replied laughing.

And sure enough, there were lots of folks welcoming me back.  Lovely people.  One even from my first days here.  Another greeted me as a newcomer and asked when I got sober.  I told her…laughing.

Smiling everywhere with a giant grin.

Only when the meeting was about to begin did I become aware that I’d forgotten to put my partial in my mouth.  Two teeth from the right side were waiting for me next to my living room chair.  There I was grinning like a fool with a nice, fat, gap in my teeth.  That sure brought me down to earth and kept me humble all evening long.  Laughing at myself too.

  • Himself:  Semi diet breakfast at Perry’s Breakfast place.  Installing and playing a new game that offers new tricks.  Shopping….he always likes that.  Meeting.
  • Herself:  Lo cal plate at Perry’s.  Serious shopping at the store where a whole rack of my size clothes came in.  I even bought a T-shirt with dots on it to wear on the trip.  Today is our actual anniversary.  Two weeks of celebration is ok.
  • Reading:  Still “J”.
  • Balance:  Finding a quiet time to read today.


    1. I laughed aloud at this one, Mage! Just like the day I walked through the Mall thinking I was 'all that' and had underwear hanging from my pant leg. Classy, no?

    2. Can you find a little pillow at your shop to sit on. Of course if you're like me then you'll have to remember to take it with. Glad you made it.

    3. Teeth! Always an issue. One day I followed a co worker to the parking lot who had a streamer of toilet paper at least ten feet long hanging from her pants top. The only thing I wonder is have I done that?

    4. Awful how we all have to be reminded that we are human! I have not ever been to one of those meetings, but I somehow feel that it is a place that would always be warm like home is supposed to be and that you would always be remembered.

    5. Actually, I take that back. I did go to one of those meetings once in college for research project as it was on a list in my Psychology class. What a stupid exercise for a 19-year-old from the farm.

    6. That is a lovely quilt and the chair on which it rests makes me smile. I love the two together.

      Hope you continue to recuperate and get out more and more.

    7. I do stuff like that all the time and I blame Art for not cuing me in on time. How wonderful for you to know how much you are loved and missed, Mage.


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