February 28, 2014

Office Casual


My daughter is enrolled in Fire Academy classes up north.  She has her text books, her dorm room, a baby sitter, and her first class.  She also has to have a business casual wardrobe. 

This is the kid with the holy wardrobe.  I know, you may think I’m silly worrying about this, but I know her.  They have a dress code at the fire school.  Business casual there includes collared shirts for everyone.  I sent pictures and links.  I gave her all my too-small pants which will do, but she needs shirts and good looking shoes.

How do I know to worry?  Me.  I’ve been just like her only I started out with less clothing.  I wore the same very tired things over and over again.  Mother wasn’t good with fashion and style when she was large either.  Margot has a good eye when she is thinner, but she can’t see herself as other’s see her.

“I’ll stop at St Vincent de Paul’s Thrift store on my way home this morning,” she told me.

“Why not go to JCPenney’s and get shirts that are unblemished,” I replied thinking of the cost.  St. Vincent’s is the bottom of the barrel in clothing around here. 

I called her later and suggested she could borrow some of my stuff.  It only took me thirty years to learn to wear more than a bathing suit.

  • Himself: Boring day at work yesterday.  He thought Peanut Butter was a snack yesterday, so we both went way over on Weight Watcher points.  Great picture on his blog.
  • Herself:  Still hurting from my out of water walking.  Made it to the doctor’s office in the sprinkles, maybe solved my allergy problem with the cruise ships.  Today off to sort at the store.  Sorted the art and architecture book shelves here.  Got one bag of books for the store.
  • Reading:  Just now finished the “N.”
  • Balance:  Driving in pouring rain today.  Thunder.  Lightening.  Gale warnings on the winds.


    1. How exciting for her! She will look just fine! And I agree with you about the blouses.

    2. It never rains but it pours. I gave Connie many of my work clothes. She is smaller than me so she gave many items to friends. I had a wardrobe to die for at one point, but grew out of it. Still have nice shirts in my closet. They will fit again someday! My step daughter is here with lunch!

    3. Collared shirts, yup, I'd check out Penney's too. I gave my work clothes to the YWCA's clothes closet. Are there any consignment shops around her, I had pretty good luck there with inexpensive, basic items but you probably thought of all that already.

    4. I'd be in big trouble if I had to start wearing business casual clothes. It's been ages since I've worked outside of the home. Home businesses are very forgiving of wardrobe. Very exciting time for her though. I'm sure she'll be just fine.

    5. The Internet has changed shopping. Your post makes me think it may also have made parental suggestions more acceptable to their offspring.

    6. Tell her to wear muumuus from Hawaii. Good luck to her.

    7. I'll bet she'll be just fine. My daughter somehow always managed. That second outfit is a bit low cut though. :-)

    8. This post says so much about women in society, mothers and daughters, starting careers, and starting over. I have so much to comment...but perhaps another day.

    9. I'm burying my e-mail to you in an older post because I try really hard to keep it secret when I'm gone. We are leaving for southeast Asia and then Bangladesh to visit our son for a month. I usually do a blanket email to let my blogger family know in secret, but I don't have your email. I see that you're leaving too at the same time. Have a terrific time!!! How wonderful that we'll both be traveling at the same time.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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