February 21, 2014

Oh! Joy!!

First Class pool in the Queen Mary, Long Beach, 1999.

Our pool is open again.  Oh Hurrah, Caloo, Calay.

Yes, I creak and groan after being out of the water so long, but now I really know how important getting in that pool every day.  Do I want to?  No.  Lazy be me.  Will I do it; you bet I will.

  • Himself:  You never tow large machines without disconnecting the driveshaft.  A tow truck driver towed a 2014 cement truck, and now all sorts of stuff has to be replaced.  He had a fun day.
  • Herself:  My stomach wasn’t well, and I took a way too long nap.  Didn’t sleep well last night.  Sorting today then a pricing training meeting.
  • Reading:  The Secret Service.
  • Balance:  Advil.  LOL


    1. I used to love to swim in the ocean and the pool every week. Now? Never. Hate the sun. Hate the water. I prefer to dance the hula.

    2. Wishing I could get motivated to get to the pool. Paying for membership each month is like when I drive somewhere to walk, and just keep driving.

    3. You keep so busy that I can't keep up with you.

    4. I've been sleeping better. Knock on wood!

    5. I have been needing a nap this week and that really throws off my night sleeping. I have not changed diet or increased caffeine or alcohol...so I do not know what is up. Yay for the pool, that is the very best exercise!

    6. Yae, Mage!!! Good for you! I groan my way to my Zumba class, but once I'm there I'm glad. We have to keep moving. Vog is holding us back this week, but the trade winds should come back soon.


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