February 23, 2014

"P" is for Photography

Glasses on plate.

My photography this last month has been limited in scope.  It’s almost March, and I have spent much of this month recovering from a IBS attack.  Like with allergy solutions, all one can do is empirically search for the cause.  In the end I stopped the yogurt and the fake sugars.  Now it feels like a kidney stone.  What kind of old lady am I to burden you with my aches and pains instead of photography.

Plastic bears with glass top minus three tables in the background.

It’s not been good photography either.  The bears are still crooked, and I shot into the light.  The mid-century modern sideboard is missing the left side.  There’s also one of those metal insert thingy’s remaining behind the glasses.  I was just too lazy to take it out. 

Nice old print in it’s orgional frame straightened out but I should have taken out the background too.

But it’s been fun.  Three days a week I wander the store with camera in hand.  Sometimes there’s a treat to shoot, other times Photoshop turns something average into a treat.  I wouldn’t be missing this for the world.  It’s the apprenticeship in photography I missed when I lived with the photographer.

Danish Modern sideboard with an Art Deco print.

  • Himself:  Played in the morning, and had fun at the crowded museum in the afternoon.

  • Herself:  Computered in the morning, and read in the afternoon while powering down water.  Dinner has been very simple entree’s like a baked potatoe with a salad.

  • Reading:  ”J is for Judgment,” Grafton.

  • Balance:  I found myself napping over my book.


    1. I am very grateful the bear table did not find it's way home with you.

    2. Those colored wine glasses are to die for. I would love to place them on my table.

    3. I loved all the photos even with odd backgrounds...LOL

    4. Oh my gosh! I hope it's not a kidney stone!

    5. I know you have led a challenged life, but to be an apprentice to a photographer does sound romantic, and since you know my biggest addiction is photograph (self-taught) I could use a mentor.

    6. No kidney stones, I get them too. Keep drinking that water.

    7. IBS sucks -- big time. I'm sorry.

      I find your photography inspiring, actually.

      And G is funny, isn't he? :)

    8. Finding something to photograph is always a treat. I love the greens in that first pic.

      I hope you're feeling much better before too long.

    9. In your role for the shop's facebook posts, I would guess you have to be in the photojournalist mode. You have to get there, get what you can and move on to publishing it. all on a fairly tight time frame.

      I enjoy your photos for the subjects as well as for the composition and technical skills demonstrated. Your selection and repetition of shapes, color and themes enliven my day with humor, memories, visual treats, and a sense of changing culture.

      Thanks for keeping on taking those pix and posting, even though you are working under health challenges

    10. Sometimes it is more fun not to doctor a shot too much.
      I would find life very difficult without yoghourt.

    11. Sleeping over a book..been there! Dianne

    12. Yes, I'm definitely a fan of Photoshop. It has saved more photos than I can remember. These photos are fabulous.

      As for aches and pains and everything bodily thing else, we can all relate!

    13. I followed a link here to your blog, and I am delighted! I just love your style. I, too, have been lazy with my photography. L is for lazy

    14. Edit: That sounded rude! I didn't mean that YOU are lazy. I'm lazy with my photography. I'm L is for lazy. Oh, jeez. I'll be quiet.


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