February 7, 2014

Snippets 124

Trackside somewhere in Colorado or New Mexico.
  • We gave all but the carb munchies away today and went shopping for veggies and fruit just before eight tonight.  The Weight Watcher lecturer asked what one thing did you want to change this week.  G and I agreed to get rid of the crackers….all those crackers we just bought.

  • Out in the rain on an emergency shopping trip, we started at Ross looking for a game pad controler for his new computer game.  None there, but there was a nice new pair of black, stretch Levis that fit me for eleven bucks.  The pair of pants I have on today are so big that they slide off despite two big tucks.  Not good.  We found a controller thingy at good old, Radio Shack.

  • Book Reviews:  I liked the history and passion about Monuments Men.  The author, Edsel, repeats and repeats himself so that even I with much brain can remember he has said that before.  The first half reads well and intimately, the last portion was dry and historical.  Still it was worth the read, and it’s worth keeping.  I’m just starting in on The Blair House, an intimate portrait of America’s guest house charmingly written.  Easy to read, I had never known this book to exist before.  Did I ever mention before that I collected cookbooks and historical volumes about the White House?  I think a book about the Blair House should fit in that catagory.


  1. Probably fits the cookbook category. Ha ha I must be feeling better. I can almost laugh again. Finished Saving Italy. Put mm aside for now. Will finish this year. No pool all week with this dang cold. Back next week? Probably gained weight again. What would I give up? Got to think about that one. Dianne

  2. Just got rid of all the crackers in my house too. The unopened, unexpired food stuff go to the food bank. Substituting carrot and celery sticks for the crunch. Homemade hummus, but that's hard not to overeat that good stuff.

  3. I have decided to cook low fat food as much as possible. I decided on the following menu when my friends arrive for lunch: corn-tomato salad, green tossed salad, and teriyaki salmon. Pineapple sherbet for dessert. Herbal tea as beverage.

  4. I am home alone this week and gave in and bought 4 Dunkin donuts yesterday when I went in for a pound of decaf. I ate two for breakfast for two mornings. Threw away the store-bought coffee cake I had purchased after eating one very small piece and reading the ingredients. Ate homemade chicken salad with lots of greens for dinner and two clementines for desert. Trying to keep the balance.

  5. Not sure I want to read MONUMENT MEN, but would not mind seeing it. This is a big contradiction for me!

    I've read reviews (somewhere/sometime) on the Blair House book and I understand it's quite good.

    We're at a balmy 34° today as a high. I think I'm suffering from cabin fever, BUT I really don't want to go out. A conundrum.

  6. I have been indulging myself with Wheat Thins and I know I need to stop the carbs. Just a bit of cabin fever I guess because of all the snow here.

  7. Have read so much about MM on blogs recently I'm happy to see I'm next in line at the library. At least that way if it does turn out to be a dry one I can return it without feeling I've waste money at the book shop.
    Yes, check the fat content - Cut down portions - drink more water - walk a little further. WW did it for me

  8. I find that I will eat munchies if they are in the house. We periodically have some after kid and grandkid visits. We usually get them to take all of the dietary no-nos with them when they leave.

    I would really like to find pull-up elastic jeans.

    Stretch Levis sound great but buttons and zippers are not yet back in my "can-do" repertoire.


  9. My husband and I traveled to Independence, Missouri to visit the Harry Truman Presidential Library.

    It was very interesting and the most fascinating exhibit was the reconstruction of the White House during the Truman Administration.

    The White House was in serious disrepair and former Presidents were not willing to move out during their term in order for
    the reconstruction to be done.

    Harry and Bess Truman moved into Blair House and lived there for most of their time as President and First Lady. The White House was completely gutted and built brand new.

    The exhibit showed how they actually jacked up the White House in order to strengthen the foundation.

    The White House was restored to its former glory through the sacrifice and encouragement of Harry and Bess Truman.

    Harry Truman is also responsible for the building of the famous "Truman Balcony" which every President since has declared a delight to enjoy.

  10. I do feel like I've seen a church like that some place in NM.


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