February 15, 2014

The Special Days

Pilot boat leaving Vancouver.

Like the pilot boat, I was out there greeting the new day yesterday.  Less cold, no runny nose, and little coughing.  I worked at the shop with the few donations that came in and priced sale cookbooks.  Though I felt tired, I also felt triumphant about getting back into life again. 

When you are young, you get a cold, you take all the meds, and though you are miserable you leap into life despite it all.  It’s just a cold.  When you are in your seventies or eighties, a cold is a major pausing point halting life as you know it.  Since I usually fall downhill into some form of respiratory problems mid-cold, life often feels precarious for the next six months.  Severe asthma as a child didn’t help.  Heavy smoking for over forty years didn’t help either. 

Every day now is a precious thing.  Even a small cold makes me aware of how short and special every day is.

  • Himself:  Worked hard.  His sense of humor is surfacing again.  We did take charge of Duck’s imaginary dog Plaid after Duck’s death.  Plaid seems to be having fun lately.
  • Herself:  Didn’t swim, but did go to work then a meeting before more Olympics.
  • Reading:  Skimmed Grafton’s “U is for Undertow.”  I hate flashbacks.
  • Balance:  Being able to be out and about.


    1. I agree. What once seemed a trifle now seems very life threatening.

    2. Take care. Life is precious.

      I'm usually the one hanging over the side of the ship taking pictures of the pilot boats!! Love them and so respect the work the pilots do -- supposedly most dangerous job as they stand a good chance of being crushed while boarding or disembarking. They amaze me.

    3. Found a sketchbook by Maude Ropson Gunthorp. Bought it. Yes acala San Diego!,

    4. Acala de San Diego

    5. Colds set off my asthma too, its an exhausting trip. Glad you're getting better, don't overdo, sometimes its hard to get that balance between keeping moving and getting the right rest.

    6. No asthma and no smoking, but my lungs are my weak point when a cold sets in...keeping my fingers crossed for another month or two until this cold season is over.

    7. Curiosity. On amazon. Several used books. Not very much.

    8. I hope you're feeling much better before long.

    9. Still in my fifties, but not taking life for granted. So much more to see, do, learn, enjoy, and experience.
      Illnesses are bad and a waste of time, but I try to accept the imperfections of life and come back strong.
      I'm sorry about your cold. Take care and get rid of it completely!
      Glad to know that it didn't get you too badly.

    10. I'm still battling who knows what. I get laryngitis daily (it comes and goes at all times during the day) and will see a dr. next Fri. Like you, I don't take being ill well at all. It makes me even more depressed than I normally am. :/ The fatigue wears at me and I wonder if I'm ever going to return to 'normal.'

    11. I know what you mean. I used to be able to go to work even with a cold. Now a cold knocks me out and I need to just rest. Please take care of yourself, Mage.

    12. I know what you mean. I used to be able to go to work even with a cold. Now a cold knocks me out and I need to just rest. Please take care of yourself, Mage.


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